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February Goals and Highlights

I'm going to be honest here- January was kind of a meh month. I feel like after a few months of non-stop activities and fun, I kind of hibernated this month! I don't like it, and I've been feeling in a funk because of it. The start of the month was especially rough for me, but I feel like I'm pulling myself out of it slowly. Just in time too because February is going to be a PACKED month. A big highlight was checking off a project we've had on our list forEVER- adding a carpet runner to our staircase! These were hard wood and Selma would always slip going down them (sometimes I would too!) so we knew we wanted to do this as soon as we moved in. It took a while to get the runners delivered, and then we were procrastinating on starting. I'm so happy with how they turned out and glad we can check that item off our list! Let's start with a look at how my annual goals are going. Annual Goals Korean Vegan Cookbook In January I started with the "basics" c