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Better late than never!

 The past few weeks, I’ve written blog posts about training and keep forgetting to post it! So- sorry for the delay but here is last week’s workouts. For now, I’m off on an adventure to see some friends so I’ll be sure to share more later! Monday 1 mile run Today was technically supposed to be a rest day, but Dan wanted to do a quick run so I couldn't let him down! We're also dog sitting right now, so at night we took the dogs for a long walk. Tuesday 40 min run The sunflowers are in full bloom at Dix Park, so I had to join my friends for an early run. It was humid and smokey out but I was happy to have one of my longer runs this morning. Plus, the flowers were beautiful! Wednesday 1 hour boot camp Two early morning workouts in a row! Feeling back to my normal groove and it's great! Today's class was very leg heavy- lots of squats and lunges so I was exhausted by the end. Great workout though! After work, I met up with a friend to hang out and noticed a beautiful sunset

Push It

This was a really great week of training! In my plan this is still in the base phase, so it feels manageable and not too tough yet. I'm just enjoying it so far and it's making me excited for the more challenging stuff that I know is coming along! Here's how the week of workouts went- Monday 1 hour yoga I had a pretty open day, so I was able to make it to Erica's outdoor yoga class. It was just what I needed today- it was warm out but class wasn't too intense. Lots of stretching and easy movement. Loved it! Tuesday 1000 yard swim I'm enjoying the workouts that are in the plan that I'm following- it really helps me during swimming to break down the distance and keep it focused on smaller chunks of work. Today we started with a 200 yard warmup, then did drills for 100 yards (for this I do kickboard for 50 yards, then bouy for 50 yards). Next, it was 4x100 yards of moderate effort. 100 more yards of kickboard, then a 200 yard cool down. 3 mile walk Selma and I m

June Reads and Reviews

I got a decent amount of reading done in June, with a real mix bag of reviews! I started really strong and ended with two big duds. Here's what my reading looked like this month- Scandalized by Ivy Owens I went into this book not really knowing much- basically that this was a book by one half of the Christina Lauren duo and that people loved it. I ended up really enjoying this- the story was really quick to read and the drama wasn't too over the top. The two main characters- Alec and Gigi- were great together and had great banter back and forth. Plus, it had just the right amount of spice for me which is what I've come to expect from any books by Christina Lauren! I'm hoping that the roommate Eden will get her own book because she was a really great side character. My Rating- 4/5 The Daydreams by Laura Hankin Talk about a fun beach read for this summer- this book is it! This reminds me of Daisy Jones and the Six- if the band was a TV show on Disney Channel and a scandal

June Highlights and Goals

Happy Summer! It has definitely heated up in the past few weeks here in North Carolina, and I'm absolutely loving it. This month was full of so many fun activities: we went to the mountains three times (backpacking for the first time, a wedding, and then a regular car camping trip), completed two triathlons, and celebrated my birthday! It was a really great month, but I think the wedding was the highlight for me. It was such a fun weekend to spend with friends and celebrate two amazing people that are perfect for each other. The venue at Beech Mountain was also incredible- nothing like a backdrop of mountains for such an incredible moment! Let's get to the goals! Annual Goals Korean Vegan Cookbook I actually tried two recipes from the cookbook this month- the Kale and Ramen Salad from the Kimchi and Salad section, and the Curried Tteokbokki Skewers from the Bar and Street Food chapter. The salad was just ok- it looked really pretty but was a little bland and I didn't like t