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September Reads and Reviews

I am so late with my book reviews this month, but I had a lot of really good reads and didn't want to skip sharing them! I'll get right to it- but be sure to let me know what you read this month and loved. House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas This was my book club pick for the month and I'm so glad I got to read it! I know this series (Crescent City) is full of really long books, so I didn't really want to get started with them. This started a bit slow but I loved the world building and quickly was not able to put it down. I like how this was more of a modern world with fantasy elements. The characters were all great and I loved the relationships that got built! I do think it was way longer than it needed to be, but I'm excited to read book 2. My Rating - 4/5 The Ex Hex and The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling Spooky season meets romance! These books were so quick to read and were the perfect cozy little read for the month. I read them out of order but it doesn't

October Goals and Highlights

September has come and gone, and it's actually starting to feel like fall is around the corner. We're getting a few mornings of cooler weather, but the days are still nice and hot, and I love it! This was a busy month for me but wasn't very fun- I had to start going back to the office three time a week (which is frustrating since my team is all in Pittsburgh, so I come into the office to sit alone and not see anyone!) and also had to work almost every weekend! It's been really busy and stressful at work, and honestly getting in the way of the work/life balance that I always try to keep. I'm working way more hours, and also just feel tired and stressed all the time, so I'm hoping that October will get a bit better. There weren't a lot of highlights this month, but finishing my fourth triathlon of the year and spending that weekend with friends was definitely one of them! It was also my only weekend I didn't end up working, so I was thankful for a little t

Wrightsville Beach Tri take 2

This past weekend, I completed my fourth and final triathlon of the year! Going into this year all I wanted to do was do more tri's so I could find out if I really liked them or not, so I think I can successfully check that goal off. My final one was the same that I did last year- the Wrightsville Beach Sprint Tri- and I improved in some areas and got way worse in some. Let's go over the race! Swim If you remember from last year, this was the one leg that I was really dreading. I was so nervous about it but I ended up doing way better than I expected. This year I went in with the goal of just going for it and pushing as much as possible because I worked really hard on swimming this year! As soon as we started, I just immediately kicked off and went for my freestyle. Just like last year, the salt water kept me afloat and made it really easy to keep going!  I surprised myself by actually swimming the entire distance and not taking any breaks- I didn't really feel tired at all