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Top Five Friday : Snowing Again

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!  Can you believe that it's March already?  Everyone says that February seemed to fly by since it's the shortest month, but it always seems long to me.  It wasn't the best month and just dragged along, so I'm happy to be on the other side and into March.  One step closer to warmer weather! Here's what my favorites were this week! linking up with  Erika ,  Heather , and  Friday   Five   Song Twenty One Pilots This week has been really hectic and busy at work, so I had to put on music that can really get me into the zone.  For me, that's always Twenty One Pilots.  They're one of my favorite bands, and their music is just the perfect background when I'm having a busy day.  I like to listen to their Pandora station for some variety, or just stream all of their albums on Spotify! Podcast The Death of Dr. John Parker I'm not sure if I've mentioned this podcast before, but season one just ended s

What's New With You? FF Update

Hi everyone and Happy March!  It's already time for the monthly What's New With You linkup, and today I'm going to be talking how Frugal February went. Overall, I did really well with my goals.  I managed to stick with all of them (with the exception of one small exception in my first category).  But- this was one of those months where a few things went wrong and we ended up having to spend way more money than we wanted to.  First, our car broke down and we had to spend money just to get it home, then had to buy a repair kit to fix the issue.  Then, we had a pipe in our basement crack and leak all over the place.  Luckily, our home warranty covered the issue, but we still had to pay the consultation fee and a bunch of our stuff was destroyed.  Finally, Selma had her annual vet appointment and was due on a bunch of shots, so that added on to our bills as well. In happier news, we got our tax refund for the year, and were able to put that all towards our mortgage!  I als