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A Week of Highlights

I wanted to try a little something new today that I saw on another blog - showing highlights from a week in my life! Last week was one of my more fun and exciting weeks, so I thought it was the perfect one to show. I'll be sharing a little of what I did each day along with what I wore! Monday Plans for the day (outside of work) : Met up with some friends to go to Drive Shack (similar to Top Golf if you've tried that). Basically it's a driving range but with different interactive games you can play by hitting your ball towards different targets. One thing that went unexpected : I went for a solo walk after work (sometimes you just need a little alone time) and saw a ton of turtles swimming together- including one that was swimming on top of his mom or dad! Best part of the day : Spending time with new friends we made here and meeting one of their brothers who was in town visiting. What I wore : Gap jean shorts, Old navy black top, crescent necklace  Best thing I ate : Dan ma

Summertime Sadnesss

Another week has gone by and August is just about over. Summer is coming to an end! I'm not really sad about the high temperatures going much as I love the sun and the heat I'm ready for a few cooler mornings at least! I trudged through my workouts this week, getting in a good variety. Here's how it went- Monday 4 mile Run Ventured away from my normal route to hit the streets and check out a park right by my apartment. There's also a greenway that connects it to the main road that I always pass and I finally got to run on it! Very nice park and path, and there was a working water fountain that definitely saved me in the middle of the run. Tuesday 5 mile Bike Crossed off two more parks at lunchtime on my short bike ride. There's a greenway that connects two parks in Cary, so I went to check it out! I think it would have been better as a walk or run- the road was very steep and curvy, so most of the time I was on the brakes or pedaling like crazy to get up hi

New Trails

Hello there! This was a really fun and quick week for me- work has been really steady and busy the past few weeks with a big upcoming merger just months away, so my workouts have really been my mental escape. I didn't get out for biking or kayaking as much as I wanted to, but hoping to fix that this week. But it was a good week of workouts, with one long bike ride and a run on a trail I've been wanting to visit for a while. Here's how the week went- Monday 10 min Focus Flow: Floor Poses with Aditi I woke up and went on a long morning walk with Selma, and got in some yoga once I got back. Felt like a great way to start the week and day! I could tell that I haven't been doing enough yoga lately because my hips were TIGHT. Need to get back into taking longer yoga flows instead of just these 10 minute ones. 15 mile Bike Dan and I headed out for a midday bike ride and I'm pretty sure this was my longest (nonstop) ride ever. We started at Bond Park and took the White Oak

A Guide to Parks in Apex NC

I'm very excited to kick off a new series on my blog all about the amazing parks in the Raleigh area. We mostly picked this area to move to because of all of the outdoor activities and parks that are around. I decided the best way to get to know my new city is by visiting as many as possible and sharing them with all of you! If you're visiting North Carolina or even planning a move (in which case, let's me be friends!) I hope these posts will be helpful for you. We're going to start off with parks in Apex, NC. This is a small town just outside of Raleigh and was named one of the best small towns in the country- the town motto is "The Peak of Good Living". It's easy to see why- you have access to everything in the triangle area, as well as the joys of small town living! This is exactly why we chose to move here instead of the actual city, and you just can't beat the easy access to tons of parks from every activity imaginable. Let's get into a quick

Mask Up

Happy Monday everyone! This was such a fun and good week, full of all kinds of new parks and adventures. I also got to do some group runs which was so much fun and hopefully can continue for a while...even though my city is now under mandatory mask rules again. Sigh. Hope you're all staying safe out there! Here's a look at the week- Monday 1/2 mile Walk Checked off my final park in Apex after work by visiting Hunter Street Park (still have two small neighborhood parks to go)! There was just a short path around the complex but Selma and I enjoyed the park a lot. There's also a huge dog park that I might get a membership for! I bet it will be really nice in the fall once the temperatures cool down a bit. 10 min Restorative Yoga with Kristin Did my core challenge workout (week 2 kicking off well!) and then did a relaxing yoga to end the day. This one was great because not many props were needed- just a block. Loved the stretches we got to do! Tuesday 1.5 mile Walk Felt really