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Recent Favorites

Good morning everyone! Life has been so hectic lately- so far in April I volunteered and paced at the Umstead 100 Miler (SUCH a great experience), ran in the Tar Heel 10 Miler, visited Richmond with my family, dove straight into house hunting, and got offered a new job! Like I said in my monthly goals post- life is full of changes lately! Can't wait to share more. For today's post since I haven't been on here much lately, I thought it would fun to do an old fashioned favorites post. I have a few things that I've been loving lately and want to talk about, so I hope you'll find something new to try (and also share with me any life-changing products you're obsessed with). Let's get into it! Backpack  - Funny enough, I actually got this backpack at the start of 2020 because of all the travel I had planned. I'm finally getting to use it this year and absolutely love it! It has so many useful compartments to keep me organized, and it also works great for worki

March Reads and Reviews

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very busy but so fun- one of my friends ran in the Umstead 100 Miler (that's not a typo- she ran 100 miles!!). I got to pace her for one of her 12.5 mile loops, and then Dan and I both volunteered at the race. It was probably the most fun I've had at a race, maybe ever? I'll definitely be back again next year! Today I'll be sharing the books that I read in March! There was a huge mix of duds and great books, along with some vacation reads and Book Club picks. Here's how the month of reading went- The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner A female apothecary secretly dispenses poisons to liberate women from the men who have wronged them - setting three lives across centuries on a dangerous collision course. One cold February evening in 1791, at the back of a dark London alley in a hidden apothecary shop, Nella awaits her newest customer. Once a respected healer, Nella now uses her knowledge for a d

April Goals and Highlights

March was such a fun (and long!) month! It feels like so much has happened that when I was looking back at what all I did it was hard to believe it all happened in 31 days. For one thing- I had two amazing trips that were the highlight of the month- a last minute quick getaway to Myrtle Beach with friends and a long-awaited trip to Savannah with two of my friends from Pittsburgh. Secondly, Dan started a job this month which has flipped our lives upside down (in a good way!). Plus he celebrated his birthday last week! We're making lots of changes, and I think there will be more to come in April.  I kind of failed on my monthly goals because the month was so nuts so we'll just focus on my annual goals.... Spend More Time Outdoors 1000 Hours Outside  - January - 54 total hours, breaking down to 41 hours running/walking/hiking, 5 hours reading, and 8 hours socializing/misc.  February - 52 total hours, breaking down to 31 hours running/walking/hiking, 7 hours reading, 13 hours socia