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Sunshine and Sweat

Another week of training is in the books, and this one was much more well-rounded. I got in a few bike rides, some runs, and a swim, as well as cross training. I'm hoping to start following an actual schedule soon, but for now I'm just doing what feels good! Here's how the week went- Monday 60 min yoga + hike It was a really beautiful day out, so I had to join Erica for her outdoor yoga class after work. I also had a phone call to catch up with my friend, so I went on a hike around the park before class started. Perfect start to a Monday! Tuesday Rest day! Easy day just resting up, but I did get in a long walk with Selma to enjoy the weather. We both really enjoyed it. Wednesday 2 mile run It's starting to get warm out, and I was sweating on this run! I went for a fun little run with Dan at a nearby park and we were both so tired afterwards. Time to get ready for summer running I guess... Thursday 1000 yard swim Made it to the pool this morning for a nice early swim. I

March Reads and Reviews

 I'm a little late with posting my reads from March, but they were all over the place! Some where amazing while most were just meh. Here's a look at what I read and my thoughts- A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas My third book in the ACOTAR series, and I think this one might be my favorite. I loved the story line and was so happy that the drama to start the book didn't last too long and we got to the good stuff right away. There were also a lot of fight scenes in this which I usually don't like, but I really enjoyed how it was described and handled. It kept my attention and kept me entertained for all 700 pages! My Rating - 5/5 Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood This one was basically the same as Ali Hazelwood's other books, so it just felt really redundant to me. But- I'll still probably read her new one coming out this year even though it will likely be the same premise again! My Rating - 3/5 The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes I was excited that

Quarter Year Check-in!

Can you believe it's April already? March was a really hectic month for me which helped it fly by. I looked at my calendar and realized I only had 2 days without any plans with friends, so it was definitely fun but a little bit tiring. I had a lot of highlights, but the best one was probably my busiest day of the month. It started with a baby shower, then Dan and I met up with some friends downtown for a birthday bar crawl that was a ton of fun. We actually had dinner reservations for Dan's birthday (March is a popular month for birthdays) and cancelled them because we were having such a great time. We did have to eventually leave because we had tickets for the North Carolina Symphony which was fantastic. Afterwards we had a quick dinner at Whiskey Kitchen and ended our really fun and busy day! April is going to be an even busier month with lots of travel. For the past few months Dan has been planning  a trip for us, and I have no idea where we're going! I can't wait to