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The Calm

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great week and weekend. This was kind of a chill week for me but I have some fun coming up soon that I can't wait to share. For now, I enjoyed some sunshine, some cooler weather, and lots of fun outside.  Here's what my week of workouts looked like- Monday Yoga with Jonelle (Apple Fitness +) This week a new yoga instructor started at Apple Fitness + and I was really excited to try her out! This was just a quick 10 minute class but I liked her style a lot. Today was the same flow the entire time, but adding on new moves every time we did it. It could have gotten repetitive but I enjoyed it. Time to Walk with Jane Fonda (AF+) New guided walk and I was happy that it was a shorter one- most of them are over 40 minutes which I can't really take during my lunch break, so I was happy to see a 30 minute one! I liked hearing Jane's stories and about all of her climate change work. 2 hour Kayak Today was the last nice day for a bit, so

And I'm Feeling Good

Good morning everyone! I hope that you all had a great week- this was one of the better ones for me. I feel like I got a lot done at work and at home, and also had some great variety in my workouts! Here's a look at what I did- Monday 10 min Yoga with Dustin (Apple Fitness +) Trying to get back on track with my morning yoga after being so-so last week. This was a nice and easy practice to kick off with. 30 min Latin Run with Chase (Peloton) I was so excited to see a Latin run added last week and couldn't wait to take it. The playlist was amazing with some songs I've never heard of and also some Shakira! I barely missed a big storm that was coming in so this run was a win all around. 5 min Core with Gregg (AF+) When I got back I did this quick class. It was two sets of sit-up and plank variations and was short and sweet. Tuesday 10 min Remix Yoga Flow with Denis (P) This was a more upbeat class to start off with and was really fun! I took this when it first came out and it w

Up and Down

Happy Monday everyone! This week was all over the place for me- I was pretty sick at the start of the week, but then felt great at the end and took advantage of a perfect weekend. It was really fun and I'm hoping this week to get in more consistency again!  Here's what the week looked like -  Monday Sick Day :( Woke up with an awful stomach bug so I maybe walked 100 feet all day. Definitely no exercise happened! Tuesday 10 min Yoga with Dustin (Apple Fitness +) Woke up feeling much better but super weak, so I took a slow and easy yoga class to get my body ready for work. Time to Walk with Min Jin Lee (AF+) It was an absolutely gorgeous day out so I took Selma for a walk at lunchtime. We went really slowly but it felt great to be outside! Min Jin Lee is an author and I loved hearing her stories about growing up, coming to America and not being able to speak any English but becoming a huge success. 30 min Pop Ride with Cody (Peloton) Ended the day with an easy ride. Didn't pu

Feeling Springy

Hi everyone! Last week felt like the first real week of spring to me. We still had a few chilly days, but I got to do some outdoor projects, neighbors were planting flowers, and we put the first of our spring veggies in our raised garden beds. It was also a fantastic week for workouts! Here's how my week went- Monday Yoga with Adriene Easy, slow yoga to kick off the week. 30 min Bike Bootcamp with Cody (Peloton) I usually take bike bootcamps with Jess on Mondays, but since she's been on a break for the past few weeks I was happy to see a live class with Cody in that same time slot. It's definitely a different feel than Jess's classes, but it was fun! Today's focus was on the core and it was a good class. 10 min Core with Betina (Apple Fitness +) Wanted a little more core work so I added on this short class afterwards and then ended with a nice stretch. I really liked Betina's personality and will definitely have to take more of her classes. Tuesday 10 min Yoga F

April Goals

Happy April everyone! Not going to lie- March was a pretty bad month for me (and for the entire country). There were so many awful things happening in terms of violence and killings, so it's been hard for me to be cheery. I hope that better days are ahead as we turn the page to a new month. Here's a look at how I did with my annual goals this month- 2021 Combined Miles January -  44 running miles and 218 bike miles for a total of 262 miles February - 32 running miles and 206 bike miles for a total of 238 miles.  March - 36 running miles and 113 bike miles for a total of 149 miles. I expected a dip since I took a week off, so I'm pleasantly surprised I had more running miles than in February. Let's get those numbers back up next month! So far, I've done a total of 649 miles, and have 1,372 to go. Get Ready to Sell! Another pretty good month in terms of progress- we booked some contractors to do finishing projects on the house, and have a few things that we'll be