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Ready for Summer

Happy Monday everyone! It is COLD in Pittsburgh, but it looks like warmer days are on the horizon. This time of year is so tough for's been really gray and miserable outside. Having my daily walk goal has helped a ton- now I feel like I HAVE to get outside. Even though I really have to bundle up, it always feels great to get some fresh air and (occasionally) sunshine. I'm really looking forward to having some days above freezing this week! Here's a look at how my week went- Monday 60 min Bike Bootcamp: Full Body with Jess Started this workout with a warm up ride (I always have a much better workout when I properly warm up beforehand!) then got right to business. I knew this was marked as "advanced" and WOW this was HARD!!! The bike portions were all intervals with very short rest in between. There were two strength sections with tons of movement- including burpees, snatches, lateral lunges, ohmy! Very challenging workout and by the end I was a sweaty, panti

Snowed In

Hi everyone! Last week was very cold and very snowy/icy..not my fave. I definitely kept things a little more low-key- I didn't have a ton of energy or motivation to work out super hard so I kept things much more chill. Still got in some fun classes though! Here's a look at my week- Monday 45 min BHM Icons Bootcamp with Jess Sims Monday Mayhem is back! Today's class was in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughter who passed away last year. This was such an emotional class- you could really tell how much Kobe inspired Jess and also brought her closer to her own dad. She put all that emotion into making a HARD class that left me breathless! Really pushed it on this and it hurt so good. I took a cool down ride after which was much needed. Tuesday 40 min Total Strength with Andy Kicked off week two of the program with upper body. All of the exercises were the same as last week, but we added more weight and moved faster to get more reps in. It was definitely harder but I love feelin

A Super Week

Happy Monday everyone! Last week started a new challenge for me- the Total Strength Program on Peloton. It's always fun to have workouts laid out for you, and I enjoyed getting started and can't wait to see how the next three weeks go! Here's a look at how my week went- Monday 60 min 90's Bike Bootcamp with Jess All live classes from New York were cancelled today because of a snow storm (we got a bunch too!) so I took an older class on demand. This one was actually the very first live bike boot camp, and it was such a great class. The playlist was all 90's bangers, and the workout itself was intense but fun. I also started with a warm up ride and did a full body stretch as soon as class ended.  Tuesday 20 min Pick Me Up Ride with Hannah This was a really nice mid-day ride to take, and another from the Instructor Series list! Hannah had some great quotes that she shared the entire time and the ride went by really quickly. My favorite quote was - "Let the tears f

February Goals and Highlights

Happy February friends! Even though this is the shortest month of the year, it always seems to last forever. Let's see if that's still the case this year! January for me was a very meh month- I'm still staying in and really only left my house for my daily walk and occasional run. I managed to only make one grocery store trip, and also dropped off a few items to donate or sell (see that below!). Otherwise, it was a cold month so I was happy to have an excuse to stay in, especially when I started to feel a little sickness coming on. My highlight of the month has to be the Inauguration. I thought it was a really beautiful ceremony- I loved all of the bold fashion choices, the musical acts that were chosen, and the poem by Amanda Gorman. I'm not usually an emotional person, but I definitely shed some tears when Kamala Harris got sworn in - it seems like such an important and huge step in our country's history. This graphic really put things into perspective for me- And