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Training Week Two

What a great week! I was able to complete all of the mileage for the week and felt absolutely fantastic. I don't know if it's the cooler fall weather, but I felt really strong and powered through all of my runs almost effortlessly. Here's a look at what I did: 9/19: Stretch and some light plyometrics 9/20: 3 mile run: 25:12, 8:23/mile 9/21: 10 minute warm-up at 8:37 /mile 15 minutes at 8:04/mile 5 minute cool-down at 8:59/mile Total of 3.6 miles in 30:00 9/22: 3.12 mile run: 25:47, 8:15/mile 1 hour of strength (push-up intervals, sit up intervals, chest and shoulder exercises) 9/23: REST! 9/24: PSU vs. EMU! 9/25: 7.03 mile run: 57:47, 8:12/mile 100th mile run since July 1st! I was extremely happy with my workouts this week. Registration for the Pittsburgh Marathon opened today, and I am officially in!! I'm SO pumped and am looking forward to an easy week of training: 3 Stretch & Strengthen 3.5 m run

Training Week One

The first week of my official training is OVER. This weekend, the Blue Band went to the Temple game, so I was unable to run the weekend, but finished all the other workouts. Here's a summary of what I did this week: Monday : 30 min on bike, 1 hour lifting, 20 minutes abs/stretching Tuesday :3.34 miles: 27:00, 8:04/mile Wednesday : Treadmill intervals 1 mile warmup at speed 6, 5x400 going to speed 7.5, reducing to speed 5.5 for 400 m in between. 1 mile cooldown at speed 6 Thursday : 4.80 miles: 39:05, 8:07/mile 1/2 hour lifting Friday : Central York football game Saturday : Penn State vs. Temple game, Upper Dublin Spectacle in Sound festival Here is my schedule for this coming week: 2 Stretch & Strengthen 3 m run 30 min tempo 3 m run + strength Rest 3 m pace 6 m run A little motivation for the w

Training Schedule

Now that the half marathon is only 12 weeks away, I am officially starting a training plan for it! I decided to try out Hal Higdon's Intermediate half marathon training. Here is what this week looks like: Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 1 Stretch & Strengthen 3 m run 5 x 400 5-K pace 3 m run + strength Rest 3 m run 5 m run I'll be able to have better updates now that I have an actual schedule to follow! I'm so excited to get started and tracking my progress! To get motivated, here is a great quote that I always keep in mind for everything from school work to running: If you fail to