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Clicking in Place

Good morning everyone! Last week was the week that everything felt like it was starting to click into place- the rest of our furniture got delivered and the last of our boxes have been unpacked, so I'm feeling a lot more settled. I also have somewhat of a routine starting and am getting out to new parks a lot more, so things are looking up. Here's a look at how the week went! Monday 20 min Mood Yoga Flow: Calm with Aditi I've taken this class before and had to revisit because it's one of my favorites. This is just what I like in a yoga class- stretches, relaxation, easy flow. Highly recommend checking this one out. 30 min Kayak Finally got out for a kayak in our new home! We went to the lake where I walk and run and just did a quick 30 minute paddle. The lake is the perfect size- not too big or small. I also saw lots of turtles and a few beautiful birds! Great way to break up the day and spend lunchtime out in nature. 1 mile Walk I made a list of all the parks in my are

Mixed Bag

Happy Monday everyone! This was a really fun week, with some time at the beach and also a new run club that I joined! There was a little bit of everything, and it's been so much fun to start exploring a bit more. Hopefully more to come! Here's a look at how the week went- Monday 10 min Standing Yoga with Denis Dan and I made it up for the sunrise this morning and then did a quick yoga flow to kick off the day. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out and the entire day was pretty much perfect. We spent a lot of time at the beach and played some football, took some walks, and relaxed. Tuesday 20 min 90s Ride with Cody We got back from the beach in the morning so it felt great to take this ride to shake out my legs and get back in the swing of things. I biked for a little longer after class (which was a ton of fun of course) and watched the Olympic Trials for swimming.  Wednesday 30 min Power Walk with Becs Explored a bit of the neighborhood for my morning walk today and enjoyed this play


Hi everyone! If you missed my announcement last week- I just moved to North Carolina and so far I'm loving it! This week was all about getting back into a routine and getting a lay of the land. I explored a bit of my neighborhood, went on lots of walks and some runs, and even made it out for a bike ride! I can't wait to see even more and share what I'm loving along the way. Here's how my week of workouts went- Monday 20 min Pride Reset Yoga Flow with Denis This was just the flow that I needed this morning to get back in the groove after moving. Alexa recommended this class to me and it was a perfect morning class with just a bit of tough movements but mostly just nice stretches. Tuesday 20 min Hip Hop Run with Adrian Got out for a quick lunchtime run and it was HOT! Still getting used to summer running (and the humidity of North Carolina). It honestly wasn't that bad until I was just about done with my run- might start going out with my handheld water bottle for lon

How to Make a Move Less Stressful

Let's face it- moving is the worst. It's stressful, expensive, and a big pain. Dan and I just moved from Pennsylvania (where both of us have lived our entire lives) to start the next chapter of our lives in North Carolina! While our move definitely wasn't easy, it went pretty seamlessly. While I wouldn't want to do it again any time soon, I learned a lot of handy tricks that helped make it just a bit easier and less stressful. I'm sharing my top tips today and would love to hear all of yours, for when we inevitably move again! Keep a List of Question/Concerns/Worries When we first decided to move out of state, there were so many things on my mind that would keep me up at night. I was worried about so many random things, and I decided to start writing down everything that popped in my head or any questions that I had. It definitely helped me to write it down- it seemed like some of the anxiety transferred from my head to the paper as soon as I wrote it out. Plus- thi

Car Camping Tips, Tricks, and Faves

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I went on my first camping trip of the year and thought it would be a great time to share a post all about car camping. Even though I haven't been going for very long (I went on my first trip four years ago), Dan and I have been on a few trips every year since then. While I still have a lot to learn and have still only been car camping (so far!), I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way, as well as some of my favorites spots near Pittsburgh, and the gear/food that I recommend. Car Camping Tips Tip 1 - Freeze bottles of water When I first started camping, I would buy bags of ice at the store to keep in my cooler and keep food cold. This didn't work well for me because when the ice would melt it would just leak everywhere and ruin most of the food! I heard a tip to freeze a bottle of water instead (or big juice containers) and this completely changed the game. As long as the bottle is closed all the way, the only le

Before and After : Our First House

Happy Wednesday everyone, and happy house listing day to me! We officially listed our house for sale today after a whirlwind of a few months. It's crazy to think back to this time last year and having no plans of moving, and now our house is on the market.  I wanted to share some before and after pictures of all of the work we did (or, for the order I'm sharing pictures, After and Before)- nothing too crazy in terms of construction, but lots of cosmetic changes and improvements. The best part to me is that besides the exterior paint and windows, we did every single change ourselves. Let's get to the changes, room by room (btw- interior pictures taken by the amazing photographer that our agent works with..she did SUCH a great job). Exterior Repainted exterior (Sherwin Williams Snowbound on brick, Georgian Bay on accents) Removed bushes and added flowering bushes (azalea) and hanging basket (pothos) Replaced porch light Powerwashed sidewalk and chimney Replaced deck and stai