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Favorites from Argentina

I'm back today to share some of my favorites from my recent trip to Argentina! It was my first time in South America (and first time in the southern hemisphere) and it completely blew me away. Usually when I'm recapping trips I'll have separate posts for each city, but we went to so many places that I would never finish it up (ahem..still working on my posts from Slovenia almost a year ago...) so instead- I'll share my favorites from each city in one post. Buenos Aires Restaurant : Our very last meal of the entire trip was at Sacro, which is an entirely vegan restaurant in Palermo. It was more of a fine dining type of place, but the prices were very reasonable and everything was incredible. Dan and I got a few small plates to share and everything was so delicious! Activity : Tango show. This was high on my list of things to do in Argentina since the Argentine Tango is one of my favorite dance styles, and luckily we got to go our very first night in the country. We ended

April Goals

 Hello! Last month I mentioned that I've been super busy and haven't had time to come on here recently, and that definitely did not let up in April. We started the month in Dallas- we visited the city to see the solar eclipse in the path of totality (pun not intended, but TOTALLY worth the trip- it was an amazing experience) and also got to visit a new baseball stadium, see the musical Chicago, and visit the JFK points of interest.  The following weekend, I sold at my second vendor market (at Edit Brewing), then went to Asheville for a friend's bachelorette party. It was so much fun- we did a pub crawl/ghost tour, then a scavenger hunt where each stop had a fun activity (beer tasting, wine tasting, painting ceramics, hot sauce challenge, library book search, and chocolate truffle tasting). Then, the next weekend two of my friends from Pittsburgh came to stay with us which was a blast! We just got back from a camping trip at the Outer Banks, so I'm just kind of exhausted