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A Good Week

This felt like one of the first weeks where everything kind of clicked into place. I felt like I was in a groove, I was working hard and enjoying it, and finally registered for my first race of the year! I'm so excited to be feeling this way and can't wait to see what this summer holds for me. Here's how the week went- Monday Rest day! Tuesday 1 mile run 1500 yard swim It was a little rainy and stormy in the morning, so I skipped out on running with my friends and went with Dan instead. We just stuck in our neighborhood and did a quick run before work, doing a bit of run/walk intervals. At lunchtime, I wanted to get a swim in and was planning on doing 4x250 yard intervals. After I finished my third one, I felt pretty good so I decided to do 500 yards for the next interval, and finished up with a 250 yard cooldown. This was a great confidence boost because I feel like I haven’t been getting better at swimming, but I think now that I’m going more consistently it’s clicking

Back in the Groove

 Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on the blog and for good reason- I just got back from an amazing vacation. I'll be sure to share all about it but it was probably the best trip of my life! But- it's back to reality now and I had a decent week back of training. My first race is around the corner (EEK!) so here's how the week went: Monday Rest Day! We got home on Sunday, so today was all about getting back to work and readjusting to the time change. I really didn't do much of anything active! Tuesday 1.5 mile run First run in a while, and it was rough! I walked Selma in the morning and did my run at lunchtime, and it was already pretty warm out there. Definitely need to get back in the habit of running early now that it's feeling like summer. Wednesday 1 hour Boot Camp I was really happy to wake up this morning and feel back to my normal self! I always get a little sick at the end of trips, but today I woke up feeling great again. I made it ou