Top Five Friday : Snowing Again

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!  Can you believe that it's March already?  Everyone says that February seemed to fly by since it's the shortest month, but it always seems long to me.  It wasn't the best month and just dragged along, so I'm happy to be on the other side and into March.  One step closer to warmer weather!

Here's what my favorites were this week!

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Twenty One Pilots
This week has been really hectic and busy at work, so I had to put on music that can really get me into the zone.  For me, that's always Twenty One Pilots.  They're one of my favorite bands, and their music is just the perfect background when I'm having a busy day.  I like to listen to their Pandora station for some variety, or just stream all of their albums on Spotify!


The Death of Dr. John Parker
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this podcast before, but season one just ended so it feels appropriate to talk about again.  To get a major spoiler out of the way, this show is fictional, and follows Dr. John Parker's son in law who tries to figure out what really happened after John is found dead of an apparent suicide.  What follows is an interesting story full of twists and turns and dead ends.  You'll never know what happens until the very last episode, and we're left with a bit cliff hanger.  I'm excited for season two!


Celebrity Big Brother
It took me a while, but I finally watched CBB!  To be honest, I wasn't that excited about the show and thought that it would be annoying celebrities that just wanted to cause drama.  While that might be true, the magic of Big Brother editing made everyone seem silly and made me laugh out loud multiple times.  It was a great season to watch since it was so short, and there was always so much action going on.  I ended up really enjoying it!  My favorite from day one ended up winning it (which, by the end, didn't think that person deserved it but oh well).  I also love the fact that Shannon stood up for animal cruelty in her speeches and had a great message to put out there.


Koral Leggings
For a while now, I've been admiring Koral leggings and have been wanting to try them out.  They always look so sleek and well-made, with interesting designs and colors.  They also have amazing reviews and are known for their high quality and durability.  So, when the company contacted me to try out a pair of leggings I immediately accepted.  I tried out a pair on a run, and loved how flattering they looked (very compressive, yet comfortable to wear at the same time).  They were great for a run and I left them on to go to the store later.  I think these would be great for any kind of low, medium, or high impact activity (I'll keep testing them out and let you know if they fail anywhere) as well as a cute athleisure bottom. (I tried the Forge Midrise and can't wait to try out more in the future!)

Anyone else watch Celebrity Big Brother?
What's your favorite legging brand?


  1. Well you can never have too many pairs of leggings! (or can you?) I have not heard of that brand but I do like the higher rise waistband as well. I wear lots of Skirt Sports tights and capri and also Lulu and Athleta.

  2. I have never herd that podcast, seen that show or herd of those leggings. Im out of the loop.

  3. I am always trying to find new podcasts. That sounds like a great mystery.Have you ever heard of the Disappearance Maura Murray? It is a true story.

  4. I loved CBB too! Don't you just love CBS editing? We laugh at all the silly stuff. I'm glad they had all the same comps and things that they do with a regular season. Metta had me rolling.. I agree, the winner didn't really deserve it BUT I like the winner as a person and I'm happy for her!

  5. I've never watched Celebrity Big Brother. Just never got into it. I rarely wear leggings but when I do they're from Oiselle.

  6. I'm definitely listening to that podcast, sounds right up my alley!


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