New Year, New Posts!

I finally decided today that I would start to write again!  I've been following tons of different kinds of blogs for the past few years, and have always wanted to really dive into my own blog.  For some reason, I've always talked myself out of writing.  Today, though, I told myself to just go ahead and write, and see what happens.  So, welcome to my blog (again!)

I thought it would be a good idea to start off with some goals, including my "New Year's Resolutions" and some other goals.  Here we go....

Fitness Goals:
-Run 1,000 miles in 2015.  I've always wanted to make a yearly mileage goal, so I'm going to try out 1,000!  The year is off to a bad start, mostly because of the terrible Pittsburgh weather (and I'm a wimp), but I finally started to suck it up and run outside.

-Break 2:00:00 in a half marathon race.  In training runs and in full marathons, I've broken the 2 hour mark many times, but for some reason can't do it in an actual half marathon race.  I definitely think this is achievable!  My only half marathon on the schedule this year is the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in June.

Personal Goals:
-Read one book a month.  I always loved to read, but haven't really made it a priority recently.  I bought a Kindle earlier in February, and have been reading on my bus rides to work.  In January I read Dark Places, and in February finished Unbreakable.  They were both good, easy reads, but kind of trashy novels, so I'll try to read more books of value!

-Cook a different cuisine every month.  This is definitely my favorite resolution!  In January I cooked German food, and in February I tackled Thai.  It wasn't easy (especially finding the ingredients!)  Can't wait to try out Indian next month!

German!  Potato Pancake, Cucumber Salad, Red Cabbage and Bratwurst
Thai!  Pa Nang Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Spring Rolls and Cucumber Salad

Other Goals:
-Start blogging again!  I guess I can check this one off!  Now, hopefully I can keep it up and blog regularly.

-Train Selma to be a therapy dog.  Selma is my 3 year old lab mix that I got back in September at the Humane Society.  She's the sweetest, cutest dog and everyone thinks she would make an amazing therapy dog.  She needs to work on her "stay" and I think she would be ready to take the test!
I mean..come on!  She's adorable!

Well, I think that's a decent first post.  Some things that I'd like to write about in the future are running, product reviews, traveling posts, and more!  Hope to see you back!


  1. My greyhound & I took the Canine Good Citizen/therapy dog test prep classes at the Humane Society. I highly recommend the class if you're planning on taking the test! The trainers who teach it are fantastic, and the whole class basically preps you for the test. One of the biggest problems most of the dogs have is the part of the test where you do a meet & greet with another person & their dog. Your dog can't react at all to the other dog. If a dog hasn't practiced that a lot, it's tough. In the class you work on all parts of the test. I didn't do the therapy test but did the canine good citizen test. He passed the first time, all thanks to the prep class!

    1. Is that the humane society on the northside? I actually volunteer there and that's how I found selma! I will definitely check that out thanks!! And she needs work with dogs..she is unsure about them and sometimes growls a little. She loves the dog park when she can run around though. I'll keep working on it :)

    2. Yes! The Humane Society on the Northside. The instructors are Marsha and Valerie. You might email them first and see what they recommend for Selma. Typically dogs should not have aggression/fear of other dogs in their classes because the dogs will be in close proximity to each other. In fact, one of the things on the test that we practice is all owners and their dogs sit in a row, and when it's your turn you have to put your dog in a sit/stay and walk all the way across the room from them and then back. So your dog will be there by herself right by a lot of other dogs. The instructors might want you to start with a more basic class just to get her used to being around/working with other dogs. But the classes are really good! I've done 4, I think. All the instructors are really great, and it's all based on positive reinforcement. My dog loves obedience training and loved the classes.


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