Top Five Friday : Only Four

Congratulations everyone- we made it to Friday!  This was such a busy, busy week so I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I have a fun weekend ahead, and I'm also hoping to do some deep cleaning as well.  I feel like I haven't been keeping up with things at home lately, so I'm going to try to change that right away.

Here are some favorites from the week, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Good luck to any of you running the New York City Marathon or any other races this week, I can't wait to see Meb run his final professional race!

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Lindsey Stirling - Warmer in Winter
It's November, which means it's officially socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music.  Still too early?  Oh well!  I'm excited about new music coming out, and have been enjoying Lindsey Stirling's new Christmas album.  She always does such cool versions of classic songs, and adds in some original ones as well.  On this CD she also included a lot of guest singers in her songs, which makes it a bit more fun and commercial as well!


Personal Best
One of my favorite podcasts is back with a whole new look and name!  The Runner's World Podcast has been renamed to Personal Best with a new host, but is still full of great stories about running and interviews with inspiring and interesting athletes.  Their first episode back features Bart Yasso, aka the "Mayor of Running", and I'm waiting for my next long run to dive in.


Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me demo this product a few days ago!  In the past, I always used chia seeds or flax meal to replace eggs in dishes, but decided to try this out instead.  It basically replicates the texture of eggs in baked goods, but doesn't add a weird flavor (or graininess) that I always noticed in the others.  It's really easy to use, and I find that it works really well in baked goods (I tried in both sweet and savory).  If you're trying to use less eggs in your baking, give this a try!


The Good Place
In general, Dan and I don't like watching the same shows at all.  He likes stuff like Stranger Things (too scary for me) and Rick and Morty (too weird) while I'm into reality shows.  Somehow, we both started to watch The Good Place together and both like it a lot!  It's a light-hearted show that keeps you guessing and has a strange sense of humor.  Plus, Kristen Bell just makes both of us happy!  We're just finishing up the first season now and I can't wait to see what happens!

Favorite Christmas album?
What is your favorite kind of TV show?


  1. It's really hard for my husband and I to find shows that we both like too! I will have to check out your suggestion...I didn't even know Kristen Bell currently had a show! I am so out of the loop on TV. Are you still watching DWTS? I'm a couple of episodes behind but really want to watch the Halloween episode! That's always one of my favorites.

    1. It's so good and I think the second season is airing now! Loving DWTS and the Halloween episode was one of the best.

  2. I'm not a big carol person, but I can get on board with some Lindsay Stirling!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE Lindsey Stirling! I listen to her Pandora station all. day. long. at work to help me focus. My boyfriend and I usually watch rewatch older shows we can agree on (except Stranger Things and Westworld), because he's not one for sitcom and I can only watch so much golf.

    1. Ugh golf, really?! I don't understand that sport at all or how people can watch it.

  4. KC and I rarely watch the same shows but we did watch Stranger Things together (lol-i'm not good with scary but it's not scary at all). I watched the good place on my own and really liked it, but i'm waiting for the second season to get on netflix.

    1. I hate scary stuff too which is why I don't want to watch it!

  5. I've heard SO much good stuff about The Good Place! Excited to put it on my list of summer viewing.

  6. I was just listening to Christmas music last night! :-) I've been wanting to try that egg replacer but was nervous to try it! Glad to hear it wasnt a flop for you.

    1. I like it a lot! I don't think it would work for scrambled eggs or anything like that but in baked goods it's great.

  7. I love The Good Place and how it's sneakily teaching me philosophy. My guilty pleasure right now is Riverdale - it's 100% a soap opera for people who are half my age but I can't stop watching.


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