And I'm Feeling Good

Good morning everyone! I hope that you all had a great week- this was one of the better ones for me. I feel like I got a lot done at work and at home, and also had some great variety in my workouts! Here's a look at what I did-


10 min Yoga with Dustin (Apple Fitness +)

Trying to get back on track with my morning yoga after being so-so last week. This was a nice and easy practice to kick off with.

30 min Latin Run with Chase (Peloton)

I was so excited to see a Latin run added last week and couldn't wait to take it. The playlist was amazing with some songs I've never heard of and also some Shakira! I barely missed a big storm that was coming in so this run was a win all around.

5 min Core with Gregg (AF+)

When I got back I did this quick class. It was two sets of sit-up and plank variations and was short and sweet.


10 min Remix Yoga Flow with Denis (P)

This was a more upbeat class to start off with and was really fun! I took this when it first came out and it was nice to retake it with Dan. I love this class because there are no downward dogs in the entire class, which is one of my least-favorite positions.

1 hour SUP

It was a gorgeous day out so as soon as my meetings ended for the day I headed to the lake for a little solo SUP session! It was really relaxing and I spent about half the time paddling and half the time just relaxing on the board. The sky was so beautiful so I just enjoyed the surroundings!

30 min Pop Ride with Cody (P)

Now that it's getting nicer out I feel like I'm not doing too many rides, so it was nice to be back with my regular Tuesday class. Today's theme was all about women who can "SAAAANG!" Fun class as always, and I sandwiched it between a 10 minute core class with Robin and a full body stretch.


Mindful Cooldown with Dustin (AF+)

Not a ton of movement today- just a few stretches followed by a gratitude meditation. 

20 min Core with Chase (P)

This was my first live strength class in a while and it was fun but also tough. Lately I've been taking shorter core classes which are more intense, so it was nice to take time in the movements and also get some recovery. At the end of the class there was a 4 minute plank with different variations and it was SO challenging!

10 min HIIT with Kim (AF+)

This was my first Apple Fitness + HIIT class! I've heard really good things and I definitely enjoyed it. The class was short but really challenging. We did four different moves two times each- the first time for 50 seconds, then 30 seconds. The time flew by and I was really exhausted by the end.


Yoga with Adriene

I've been loving this variety of yoga classes lately- a few Apple Fitness + classes, some Peloton, and then a Yoga with Adriene. This is Dan's favorite instructor so tossing her in keeps him interested and always wanting to join!

20 min Shakeout Run with Robin (P)

Had a quick break in my day so I got out for a quick neighborhood jog. I liked this run a lot- it was supposed to be the final shakeout before a marathon (as part of their marathon training program) so it was a lot of motivation and race prep stuff. Almost makes me want to sign up for a race but also brings back all the memories of race day nerves!

15 min Core with Adrian (P)

Another live class! This one was a few different circuits with shorter exercises that were really challenging. Fun class and I always love Adrian's classes.


5 min Standing Yoga with Aditi (P)

Quick stretch for my morning yoga. Just love these standing classes before I'm fully awake- even if it's only 5 minutes it still feels like I'm starting off the day right.

30 min Hip Hop Ride with Tunde (P)

Such a fun class! This was definitely hard and was basically an intervals class, but with Tunde you can't help but push yourself and enjoy it.


30 min Trail Run

As much as I love running on trails, I definitely don't spend enough time on them! This run was so amazing and reminded me that I need to make it a priority to get out there more often!! Especially now- the trees are starting to bud again and it's going to start getting gorgeous (and probably more crowded!). When I got home I did a nice post-run stretch.


2 mile Hike

Dan, Selma and I headed to Falls Run for a mid-day hike! It was a tiny bit chilly, but really sunny and beautiful out. We love coming here because the trail follows a stream that Selma runs through, and also has a little waterfall. Even though it gets crowded on nice days like today it's definitely worth a trip (and make sure you stop at Bean Thru for coffee afterwards!)

20 min Rock Run with Andy (P)

We had a full weekend of house projects which made me feel so productive and accomplished- so when I finished and told Dan and I wanted to shake it off with a run he thought I was crazy! Anyone else feel like house work / yard work makes them really tight and just needs to loosen it up? This quick run did just that and I finished feeling 100 times better.


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