Feeling Springy

Hi everyone! Last week felt like the first real week of spring to me. We still had a few chilly days, but I got to do some outdoor projects, neighbors were planting flowers, and we put the first of our spring veggies in our raised garden beds. It was also a fantastic week for workouts! Here's how my week went-


Yoga with Adriene

Easy, slow yoga to kick off the week.

30 min Bike Bootcamp with Cody (Peloton)

I usually take bike bootcamps with Jess on Mondays, but since she's been on a break for the past few weeks I was happy to see a live class with Cody in that same time slot. It's definitely a different feel than Jess's classes, but it was fun! Today's focus was on the core and it was a good class.

10 min Core with Betina (Apple Fitness +)

Wanted a little more core work so I added on this short class afterwards and then ended with a nice stretch. I really liked Betina's personality and will definitely have to take more of her classes.


10 min Yoga Flow with Denis (P)

Nice yoga to start the day. Today's class was mostly all lizard and yoga squat so my legs were pretty dead after this! But I also felt more open and stretched than usual, so it was an interesting class to take.

30 min Verzuz Run with Rebecca (P)

I was really excited for this new series to start on Peloton- Verzuz is an online show that was developed by Timbaland and Swizz Beats during the pandemic to put two musicians head to head in a "battle" singing their greatest hits. It started on Instagram Live and has grown like crazy since then! I'm hoping this will be a huge series on Peloton with lots of artists, but was really happy to see the first class was dedicated to Monica vs Brandy. There were so many great songs that I forgot about and I loved this class.


5 min Chair Yoga with Chelsea (P)

I was too lazy to pull out my yoga mat in the morning so chair yoga it was! These classes are so great when you just want a little bit of a stretch and don't have room for a full class. 

20 min Pop Run with Robin (P)

Headed to the park for this run and it was blissfully empty thanks to cold weather that came back to Pittsburgh! This playlist was so fun and I loved this short and sweet workout.

30 min Verzuz Ride with Cody and Emma (P)

The second Monica vs Brandy workout was a ride with two of my favorite instructors! As much as I loved the class and music- I was a little distracted by how much Cody and Emma were talking the whole time! I could have used a little more of the music but it was still fun and went by really quickly.


10 min Yoga with Dustin (AF+)

This is my favorite kind of yoga class- we started with a little flow on the ground and kept doing it over and over but added on another move every time. It was fun!

10 min Core with Kyle (AF+)

Crossed another trainer off of my list and liked him. The moves were really basic but more interesting than some of the other classes. This core class focused on more than just the abs which I really liked- there was some lower back work and some shoulders thrown in as well. 

20 min Dance Cardio with Emma and Cody (P)

It's been a while since I've taken a Peloton dance class and I really wish they would add new classes! That's probably the main thing that I prefer about Apple Fitness- a much bigger variety of dance classes and the instructors seem more polished when teaching the routines. This was definitely a blast though- I started taking all of the dance classes about this time last year, so it brought back memories of the early pandemic days. I still remembered the routine so I could really "perform" it! Didn't help me dance better though...


10 min Mindful Cooldown with Jessica (AF+)

Dan requested a less active class this morning, so I thought it would the perfect time to take one of the Mindful Cooldown classes. These are basically like an easy stretch with a meditation afterwards. Very relaxing and easy.

45 min Hip Hop Ride with Tunde (P)

I think my favorite time to take live classes are at 5PM- it helps to end the day and give a little more structure in this chaotic time. This class was the perfect end to a busy week and was really tough! I was sweating from the warmup but enjoyed every minute of the class and the music.

10 min JLO Core Strength with Robin (P)

Ended with a great core class with Robin. This was another tough one- definitely had to take a few breaks but got in a fantastic workout.


10 min Standing Yoga with Chelsea (P)

Great stretches to start off the weekend. It always makes me laugh when the instructor says these are perfect to do when you're waiting in line or at the airport- even if you're not doing yoga on the ground it still feels weird to me to do stretches in public but I guess some people might have the confidence to do that!

20 min Hip Hop Fun Run with Chase (P)

I had an eye appointment in the late morning, so I squeezed in this run before getting home for some projects. I did a hilly loop at the park and got to see a gigantic hawk land right by my car! It was a gorgeous day out but luckily didn't see many people where I ran. I drove through the main section of the park to get home and it was PACKED- apparently it was the first day of trout season so every fisherperson was out. Glad I stayed out of the way!


20 min Walk + Run with Selena (P)

I was working on outdoor projects all morning but wanted to get in a quick and easy run to hit my mileage goal for the week. Definitely kept the paces on the slow side but it felt great to stretch out my legs after some hard work.


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