Last Week- Let's Go!

And just like's race week. I can't believe that I'll be lining up on a start line in just a few short days! It seems like it's been forever since I executed a training plan and went in feeling confident about racing. I'm so excited and this week just capped off an amazing few weeks. It's hard to believe this, but this was my first time that I've ever trained for a race and not skipped a single run or workout. Go me!

Now- let's take a look at how the week was!


3 mile Run + Yoga
Woke up and did some yoga right away, then did my run at lunchtime. It was pouring down rain so this was faster than I had planned, but it felt great. The rain was FREEZING though!


6 mile Run + Yoga

Early morning run with Erica. We met up at the Old Reedy Creek trailhead and ran into Umstead. It was kind of spooky and foggy in the morning so I'm glad I had my headlamp on me! Everyone else out there at 6AM did not have lights, and I have no idea how they could see since it was pitch black outside. Creepy! It felt great to run on the trails though and we had a fun run together. I did some standing yoga later in the day to help stretch a bit.


3 mile Run
Run Club with a nice and easy, chatty run with friends. It was a nice night out, and it was my first night run in a while where I didn't need to use my headlamp! Yay for longer days coming soon!


Final speed work of training is in the books! Kaile and I got to do this workout together and it went so well. I felt great on every interval (the last two were tough but still felt pretty good) and managed to go under 8:00 pace for all but one that was on an uphill! I'm so proud of the effort on this one and staying focused the entire time.

10 mile Bike Ride

It was such a nice day so Dan and I went for a bike ride at lunch. I missed biking so much and can't wait for more of these nice days in a row to get back out there (yes- I know I can bike when it's cold but I'm a wimp).


Rest Day!
Another gorgeous day today, so I was happy to spend it outside and relax. I took a long walk with Dan and Selma, and went to an outdoor yoga class after work with Erica. It was a really fun class and felt perfect to soak up the sun.


10 mile Run

My first double digit run in...I don't even know how long. It might have been before the pandemic started, but it's definitely been years. I wanted to do this run solo just to really lock in to the pace and focus on my last long run of training. I went to Umstead to run on the trails- Erica sent me a 10 mile loop that followed the Turkey Creek Trail. It was very hilly but so beautiful and I ended up crushing the average pace. This run definitely gave me a lot of confidence and made me even more excited for the race! 1 more week :)


Rest Day!
I was busy all day with Superbowl plans and a museum visit so I didn't get to do a bike ride like I planned, but got in one mile easy with Dan and did some stretching.


  1. Ah! Now I have to look at your next posts to see how it went! Good on you for such an awesome training cycle. And you ended the week with the museum visit - perfect for a rest day!


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