Sunshine and Sweat

Another week of training is in the books, and this one was much more well-rounded. I got in a few bike rides, some runs, and a swim, as well as cross training. I'm hoping to start following an actual schedule soon, but for now I'm just doing what feels good! Here's how the week went-


60 min yoga + hike
It was a really beautiful day out, so I had to join Erica for her outdoor yoga class after work. I also had a phone call to catch up with my friend, so I went on a hike around the park before class started. Perfect start to a Monday!


Rest day!

Easy day just resting up, but I did get in a long walk with Selma to enjoy the weather. We both really enjoyed it.


2 mile run

It's starting to get warm out, and I was sweating on this run! I went for a fun little run with Dan at a nearby park and we were both so tired afterwards. Time to get ready for summer running I guess...


1000 yard swim

Made it to the pool this morning for a nice early swim. I haven't been doing any particular workouts and just trying to get in as much of a base as possible. I'm really excited because the pool in my neighborhood is opening in a few weeks, so once that opens I'll be going more consistently and doing more workout style swims! 

10 mile bike ride

It felt so perfect out at lunch so I had to get out for a bike ride. I was going to do a short loop but ended up going further because it was so nice out. 


Rest day!

We had a really bad thunder storm (with some hail mixed in) so it was definitely an indoor day for me. I rested and did some stretching but really didn't do much at all.


3 mile run

I wasn't feeling great on this run, so I took it more of a run/walk where I walked up the hills and ran the rest of the time. I'm trying to get back in the flow of running again since it hasn't been very consistent lately but I'm just not feeling it most of the time! Hopefully it'll come back eventually.


10 mile bike

Another day of amazing weather! Dan and I had a busy day of house projects so we did our bike ride first thing in the morning and it was perfect out. We also beat the heat which was great! We did a little loop around a nearby lake for a total of 10 miles.


  1. Way to take advantage of the lovely weather. Those first outside runs of the season are a real doozy!

  2. It's so hard getting started on a schedule again - excited to see how your journey goes this spring!


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