March Reads and Reviews

 I'm a little late with posting my reads from March, but they were all over the place! Some where amazing while most were just meh. Here's a look at what I read and my thoughts-

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

My third book in the ACOTAR series, and I think this one might be my favorite. I loved the story line and was so happy that the drama to start the book didn't last too long and we got to the good stuff right away. There were also a lot of fight scenes in this which I usually don't like, but I really enjoyed how it was described and handled. It kept my attention and kept me entertained for all 700 pages!
My Rating - 5/5

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

This one was basically the same as Ali Hazelwood's other books, so it just felt really redundant to me. But- I'll still probably read her new one coming out this year even though it will likely be the same premise again!
My Rating - 3/5

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was excited that this won the Good Reads best YA because I've read the rest of the series and was excited to see how it would end! It definitely was a disappointing ending to a series that started so strong, and was my least favorite of the three books. Meh.
My Rating- 2/5

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey books are really hit or miss for me, and this was right in the middle. I liked it for the most part, but the characters were so over the top and a little too condescending for me. It didn't seem very realistic, but it still had some good parts in it and was overall enjoyable.
My Rating- 3/5

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This one I'm so conflicted about and really excited to see the upcoming movie, because the premise is great! A woman's husband goes missing and is presumed dead so she tries to continue on and ~shock!~ falls in love with her childhood friends, when all of a sudden her husband turns up alive! Besides the premise, I really disliked this book. The characters were all so similar (especially the husband and fiance) and the whole accident didn't seem realistic. Plus, it bothered me how she treated both of the guys!
My Rating - 2/5

Gallant by V.E. Schwab

This was just weird- it was the Good Reads YA Fantasy winner and was not for me. Pass!
My Rating- 2/5


My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh- I read this mostly because it's by a narrator that I really like (Julia Whelan) and is an author I've heard a lot about and wanted to try out. This was a really short and quick read and was really unique. I'm still not sure if I loved it or hated it but it definitely made me think a lot and reminded me of time during the pandemic when I was really isolated and barely left the house.

The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand- This was a really fun summery read all about a mysterious hotel with a haunted past and all of the workers with their own secrets. I liked following the different team members and was caught up in all of the intertwining stories. I really disliked the ending, and it kind of ruined the whole book for me! But- it was still really fun.


The Rabbit Hutch by Tess Gunty- This was a book club pick and I tried to get into it but hated it. There was way too much going on and it was too weird for me! Plus, once animal sacrifice was brought up I immediately put it down.


  1. Animal sacrifice! Yeah, no thank you!

  2. Looks like a really good reading month, even if some of the books were a little meh! I love reading about other people's book choices, and one reason is that there are SO MANY books in the world that I have never come across. You and I have zero overlap in titles, which is kind of rare I think. But so fun to read about!

    1. I'm going to look through yours next :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh, boy. Fix Her Up made me SO MAD. The over-the-top characters were so terrible and the sexism and the main character's doormat status just were so hard to read. I ended that book thinking that Georgie should live her life only surrounded by her wonderful female friends and family members and never see another dude ever again.

    And I've only read one Ali Hazelwood book, but the student/teacher dynamic grosses me out and I just found the whole thing unethical and the behavior unrealistic (no grad student is going to sit on a professor's lap in a seminar!).

    So. Yeah. I didn't care for those books much, either.

    1. YES!! I probably should have given Fix Her Up less stars, now that I'm thinking about it more it's getting me heated again! and this one was not quite as bad but they were still coworkers/coleads so there were more boundaries crossed. Can't wait to see what moral boundaries the next book covers..


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