Back in the Groove

 Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on the blog and for good reason- I just got back from an amazing vacation. I'll be sure to share all about it but it was probably the best trip of my life! But- it's back to reality now and I had a decent week back of training. My first race is around the corner (EEK!) so here's how the week went:


Rest Day!

We got home on Sunday, so today was all about getting back to work and readjusting to the time change. I really didn't do much of anything active!


1.5 mile run

First run in a while, and it was rough! I walked Selma in the morning and did my run at lunchtime, and it was already pretty warm out there. Definitely need to get back in the habit of running early now that it's feeling like summer.


1 hour Boot Camp

I was really happy to wake up this morning and feel back to my normal self! I always get a little sick at the end of trips, but today I woke up feeling great again. I made it out to my gym for a morning Boot Camp outside and it was a great workout with lots of lower body exercises.

8 mile bike

Great bike ride at lunch time around my neighborhood. Kept the pace pretty easy and just enjoyed the great weather and being back on my bike!


500 yard swim

This was a ROUGH swim. But- I'm very excited because my HOA pool opened for the season so I got to walk across to street to swim and had the pool to myself! This was also my first swim in my new wetsuit- I've never swam in one before so it was definitely a bit uncomfortable, but I might wear it in my race so I had to try it out.


60 min Yoga

Finally made it back for a sunrise yoga with Erica. I was really sore from my class on Wednesday so some of the moves I skipped but overall it was great to stretch out again.

1 hour kayak

It was a HOT day, so I had to get out on the water after work! I went kayaking at the lake and it was really windy, so this was more of a strength workout than a relaxing one that I wanted. Still enjoyed being out there though!


3 mile trail run

I met up with Erica for a morning trail run. I love running at Umstead and felt almost back to my normal running mode- I did the 3 miles under a 10:00 pace and didn't need to stop! That's a win in my book.

16 mile bike

In the afternoon Dan and I met up with my friend Gabrielle and went on a bike ride to Fun Guys Brewery. We stayed on the Crabtree Creek greenway and it was really nice! A few larger hills but mostly flat, and completely empty. The brewery is just off the greenway so it was a perfect ride! Plus, the beers were AMAZING. Will definitely be re-doing this ride in the future.


750 yard swim

Our original plan was for an open water swim to try out our wetsuits in the lake, but the weather was not cooperating so we just kept it easy and stayed in the pool. I worked on doing a pyramid of longer stretches without stopping to work on my endurance, which worked pretty well. Unfortunately just as I was hitting my stride we got kicked out so the pool attendant could treat the water, but we still got in a decent swim!

30 min tennis

The weather got really nice in the afternoon, so Dan and I headed to a nearby park to play tennis. Oh my gosh...what a workout!! I was so tired after just a few minutes, so we only made it a half hour. It was fun to play again though, so I want to start going more regularly again and use what I learned in my lessons last year!


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