A Good Week

This felt like one of the first weeks where everything kind of clicked into place. I felt like I was in a groove, I was working hard and enjoying it, and finally registered for my first race of the year! I'm so excited to be feeling this way and can't wait to see what this summer holds for me. Here's how the week went-


Rest day!


1 mile run

1500 yard swim

It was a little rainy and stormy in the morning, so I skipped out on running with my friends and went with Dan instead. We just stuck in our neighborhood and did a quick run before work, doing a bit of run/walk intervals.

At lunchtime, I wanted to get a swim in and was planning on doing 4x250 yard intervals. After I finished my third one, I felt pretty good so I decided to do 500 yards for the next interval, and finished up with a 250 yard cooldown. This was a great confidence boost because I feel like I haven’t been getting better at swimming, but I think now that I’m going more consistently it’s clicking into place.



2 mile walk

Morning bootcamp at my gym and it was busy today! Usually there are only 5 or 6 of us, but today there were 10 people. There were lots of core exercises today as well as squats, so it was definitely a full body workout.

I went to run club for the first time in a while but took it easy with a walk with some of my friends to catch up. Felt great to stretch out my legs a bit!


600 yard swim

10 mile bike

1 mile run

I didn’t wake up intending to do a triathlon today, but sometimes these things just happen! Dan and I had planned on swimming before work, and I got in more practice with my wetsuit (which went way better than the first time. Definitely need to get used to it but today felt better). Then, at lunch time I decided to go for a bike ride that I skipped yesterday, and in the middle of the bike I thought to myself “if you just do a quick run after you can say you did a triathlon today!”. One of my friends did this yesterday with much longer distances, so that also helped motivate me. Well, I got home and dropped off my bike and did a mile run! It was fun but also the jello feeling of the legs after biking never goes away for me. First brick workout done I guess!


Rest day!


20 min open water swim

10 mile bike

Today was another great day! Dan and I did our first open water swim of the year, and it was one of my best ones ever. Last year I struggled a lot in the open water and could barely do one lap around, and this time I did 2 laps without stopping. I still had to take breaks to side stroke, but never had to completely stop like I used to. I'm so happy to see that I'm making progress!

After we finished our swim, we headed to the Tobacco Trail and did a ten mile bike ride. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the bike. We even saw some horses out on a walk which was really cool.


3.1 mile run

Took a little morning run around my neighborhood. Nothing to write home about for this run but it was a few more miles in the bank.


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