Ups and Downs

Happy Monday!! I just got back from an amazing weekend trip (more about that below). This might not have been the best workout week ever, but I still managed to get some movement in every day. Let's just say that it's not easy to motivate yourself to run when you aren't sleeping well, and I've been sleeping really badly lately. Let's hope that's just an off week and I'll be back to normal soon! Here's a look at how the week went-


2 mile run

Started the week with a midday run. It's definitely feeling like summer out there, but it actually felt great! I did a little interval workout using the new Free section of the Peloton app (I used to have a membership but dropped it a few months ago, but they just came out with free workouts that you don't need to have any membership to access!)


1300 yard swim

I followed a swim workout today, and that really helped me to break up the swim and made it go by really quickly. I enjoyed it a lot which is always a good feeling, especially for a longer (for me) swim. I started with a 400 yard warmup, then 200 a little harder, then 3 x 100 making each rep a little faster, then 6 x 50 alternating all out and a recovery rep. I finished it out with a cool down and really liked this.


2 mile run

I got Dan to join me at run club today! We ran the first mile and then did a run/walk for the second. The air quality was pretty bad so we took it pretty easy and it was still rough out. 


Rest day!

I met up with a friend in the morning for a walk, so I skipped my regular Thursday swim. It felt good to have a day to rest though, so this was definitely worth it.


1 hour yoga

I made it to sunrise yoga at the Art Museum! It's been a while since I did yoga so I was really happy with how good I felt during class. Nothing like a nice stretch to kick off your morning. After work, Dan and I took Selma for a 1.5 mile walk around our neighborhood wearing heavy packs to prepare for the weekend....


11 mile hike

...which was my very first backpacking trip! I love to camp and have been wanting to step it up to backpacking, and luckily got an invitation from a friend for a trip to Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains just about 3 hours west of Raleigh. The journey was really tough- our first 3.5 miles to camp was all uphill and I had about a 25 pound pack on. After that the terrain got even tougher but luckily I just had a day pack on. Dan and I both agreed that this is one of the toughest physical challenges we've ever had but it was so rewarding and the views we had were incredible!


3.5 mile hike

After waking up in camp and relaxing for a bit, we had a hike back down to the car. Luckily this was all downhill and a little less weight since we drank most of our water and had most of the food, so this felt easy!


  1. Such beautiful places you get to hike! I'm glad it worked out, even if it was tough!

  2. Wow, Gretchen! That hike is an amazing accomplishment. And - you camped - in a tent! I am envious. Wish I could do the same. Hope last week was a good one!

    1. Thanks Anne! It was a lot of fun :) Now I want to invest in a camping pad though..I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground haha!


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