Books from the First Quarter

I mentioned the other day that life has been a bit crazy lately with travel, and that was definitely the theme of the first quarter of the year. One good that came from that was that I read a ton- a lot of audiobooks while I was traveling, or reading a physical book when I had a few moments and just wanted to relax. So far, I've ready 25 books (which is perfectly on target for my goal of 100 books this year). I wanted to share a quick one-sentence review of everything I read, breaking it down to Love It, Like It, Meh, and Skip It!  If you've loved anything from this year so far, please let me know!

Love It

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter - Very cute love story of a person who texts the wrong number by mistake and starts to develop feelings, but then it turns out to be someone he knows in real life.
The Storyteller by Dave Grohl - Make sure to listen to this to get the full experience, but finally found a memoir where someone is just a good person who appreciates all that fame has brought him!
Tell Me Everything by Minka Kelly - The complete opposite of Grohl's- listen along as Minka Kelly talks about her horrific childhood and the perserverence she had to get out of her situation and make a better life for herself.
Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter - A wholesome, sweet YA love story- can't wait for the sequel to come out!
Choosing to Run: A Memoir by Des Linden - Loved the format of this memoir, which goes back and forth from Des's big Boston Marathon win (breaking it down by the mile) and how she got started in the sport.
The Exception to the Rule (The Improbable Meet-Cute #1) by Christina Lauren  - First book in a free!Amazon series of short "meet cutes" by some of my favorite authors- similar to Mr Wrong Number (but with email) and was a super quick, satisfying read.
The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer - Unique premise that still had faults but was just so fun to read that I couldn't put it down.

Like It

My Husband by Maud Ventura - One of the most unique books I've read that follows a peculiar woman and her borderline obsession with her husband- the ending will have you questioning everything.
Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano - Great story and plot, but felt a little long and dragging to me at times, but an interesting look at family dynamics and mental health.
The Housemaid by Freida McFadden - Couldn't put this down and loved it, but the writing was kind of trash.
Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a Life of Progress Not Perfection by Emma Lovewell - Interesting memoir by one of my favorite Peloton instructors, but felt a little disjointed at times with just random self-help or motivational quotes.
Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center - Sweet story about a female firefighter who goes to work at an old school, sexist fire department- all about the girl power!
Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2) by Abby Jimenez  - Another cute story and easy read, but wasn't as enjoyable to me.
None of This is True by Lisa Jewell  - AMAZING audiobook- one of the best I listened to, but the ending made it move from love to like for me.


The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman - Was very excited to read this story of friendship and found family by one of my favorite podcasters, but didn't particularly love the characters or shift in timelines.
Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain  - Just a very negative, in-your-face story, which is pretty much what I expected!
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han - I listened to this and loved how it was read by the actress who plays Belly in the show, but didn't think it was anything amazing- just a fun beach read.
Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes - Interesting concept about women who accidentally switch bags and shoes at a gym and chaos ensues - meh to me because it felt too long and the ending was all over the place.
Rosie and the Dreamboat (The Improbable Meet-Cute #3)  by Sally Thorne - Didn't really do much for me but was kind of cute, and again very short.
Kiss the Girl (Mean to Be #3) by Zoraida Cordova - A modern retelling of the Little Mermaid, but was really predictable and dragged on for me.

Skip It!

Terms and Conditions (Dreamland Billionaires #2) by Lauren Asher - Basically the same as book 1 but with a fake relationship- was the same grumpy/sunshine trope over and over again.
Once More With Feeling by Elissa Sussman - Really wanted to love this but found it so boring and thought it could have been edited a few more times.
Forever Never by Lucy Score - Gave up on this after it felt way too repetitive for the first half and seemed like it would have a predictable ending.
Snow Place Like LA : A Christmas Notch in July Novella by Julie Murphy - Very, very explicit- wanted a bit more plot and character development!
Drop, Cover, and Hold On (The Improbable Meet-Cute #4) by Jasmine Guillory - I don't know why these stories got progressively worse for me but this one was just predictable and also unrealistic.


  1. Jasmine Guillory has never been a homerun for me. I want to like her books, but in general I don't, so it might just be her!

    One of the prompts for the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge this year is an autobiography for a woman in rock 'n' roll and I had a brief period of hope when I thought that Dave Grohl book might do it, but sadly that book is not about a woman. *sigh* I'm really struggling with this prompt!

    Excellent quarter of reading for you! Here's to many more great books.

    1. Ohh I bet there are some really cool autobiographies out there!


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