Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things. - Joe Paterno

Last post I said that I felt that I was running for more than myself, and that couldn't have been any more true this past week. When the news of Joe Paterno's death swept the campus, people were very upset and emotional. After hearing all of the stories of his philanthropy and love of Penn State, I was so moved and thankful for him...more than ever before. Every run I did that week I did for Coach Paterno, and did it with the intensity, desire, passion and dedication he expected from everyone. Rest in peace, Coach.

I had great workouts last week. I did a long run of 8 miles on Monday, easy run of 3 miles on Wednesday, and a tempo run on Friday. During the tempo run, I did an easy 1-mile warm up and cool down with 3 miles at a 8:30 pace.

I'm taking a volleyball class, and last week we began our first tournament. This consists of playing three games per day three times a week for two weeks. This was a great way to "cross train" and was a lot of fun! Unfortunately my team isn't the best, and we're currently in last place. Hopefully that will change this week!

This week, my runs are:
9 mile long run
3 mile easy run
5 mile tempo run

Starting next week, I'm going to begin taking a workout class called Total Muscle Conditioning. This will hopefully supplement my running and make me stronger. There are only 94 days until the marathon!

I took some pictures of a few places I run that are gorgeous, and will be adding those later this week. I hope you all enjoy!


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