Turn it Up!

Hello! What a week this has been. I did my longest training run yet and also went home for the weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday. While I was there, I got the chance to run with my dad, and had a terrific hill workout with him.
Here's a look at my workouts from the past week:
Monday 1.30.12, Wednesday 2.1.12, Friday 2.3.12
Volleyball tournament. My team unfortunately came in last. Hopefully next time I'll have more luck!
Tuesday 1.31.12
This was my long run. I felt really great during it, and didn't really get sore or tired at all until mile 8. At that point, a little boy with his dad started to run alongside me for a block, and when he couldn't run any more he yelled back to his dad "I want to run like that when I'm older!" It was a great motivation to keep going, and hopefully I've inspired a new generation of runners!

This is what I'm most proud of: This is a list of my mile time splits for the 9 miles. As you can see, I stayed in a pretty good range during the entire run. For some parts I slowed down, and in others I sped up. This is a good range for me for a long run, and I hope I can maintain that when I start doing more distance!

Thursday 2.2.12
3-mile run on treadmill, speed 6.0
Saturday 2.4.12This is the run that I did with my dad on Saturday. We ran in the trails at Frick Park, which is in Pittsburgh. At the end, we ran on some side streets. It was a tough, hilly run, but was a lot of fun running at home again.

This week, I have an easier, recovery week planned. I'll do two 5-mile runs and one 4-mile run. I'm also planning on going to Total Muscle Conditioning to do some cross training! Wish me luck and see you next week!



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