15 Minute Core Workout

Hi everyone!  In Dan's last health update, he mentioned that he started to do daily exercise to strengthen his core.  He's had back problems for the past two years, and I taught him a few stretches and exercises to help strengthen his back, as well as work his entire core.  He started doing them daily, and it's already making a big difference for him!

Today I'll be sharing a weekly schedule that he's been following.  Each week, I slightly bump up the number of reps for each exercise.  You can use these numbers as well, or do whatever works for your current physical level.  You can also add multiple sets of each exercise and do a few circuits to really challenge yourself!

I have to make the normal warnings and disclosures here- I'm not a doctor or medical professional so do these exercises at your own risk!

The exercises

Situps - do either regular/full range situps or crunches.

Pushups - do these either on your knees or toes.

Plank - do these either on your knees, forearms or with straight arms.

Side Plank - time indicated is for each side.  do these with a knee down, on forearms or with straight arms.

Bridges - lie on your back with knees bent and feet on ground.  for each rep, slowly lift hips until there is a straight line from your shoulders to knees.  slowly lower to ground.

Superman - lie on your stomach with arms in front.  for each rep, raise your legs and arms all at once (only your stomach should still touch the ground), pause at the top and slowly lower for one rep.

Slow Roll - kneel on the ground on all fours.  keeping your hands and legs in place, push hips back and lower into child's pose.  pause, then slowly roll forward into upward facing dog.  pause for one completed rep.

Twist - lie on your back with arms straight out and legs on the ground.  bring up right knee to chest and twist to left side, looking over right shoulder (you will feel your back stretching)

Legs up the Wall - lie on your back close to a wall.  place legs flat up the wall (with heels towards the ceiling).  inch your butt as close to the wall as you can.  hold for recommended time.

Run - I think this one is self-explanatory!  RUN! (or walk..any kind of cardio really!)

What's your favorite core move?
Anyone else have back issues?  What helps you?


  1. This is an awesome core workout! As for a favourite move.. hmm! Probably roll ups!

  2. YOU FINALLY POSTED IT! FINALLY!!!! I'm so happy. Okay so the superhuman pose (I love how you gender-fied it!)... do you think it's okay for me to do that with having that back injury happen so recently? I hurt my back in June and it still aches. I guess I could try it and see how it goes. I think I am so paranoid of doing ANYthing to hurt my back like that again, but not doing core work is actually making it worse. I just started situps and pushups and bridges (2 days ago) and so far so good. So maybe I'll start adding in those superhuman poses.

    1. In Canada do they call it superhuman? I've only heard it called superman haha! Didn't even think about it. I would be cautious of doing any moves that hyper extend your back if you still have problems, so sticking to more of the stretching moves rather than strength might be a better idea. But, I'm no doctor so don't listen to me!

  3. oh man.. i HATE core work. i know i should do it, but i hate it. when i do actually do it, i love planks and any kind of raised leg movement... can't think of what they are called, but ones where you like raise and lower your legs. i am not a fan of situps or crunches lol.

  4. Lol to superhuman. Love that. And get it Dan!

  5. Hey i wrote a back pain relief post today! :D Great workout--i love twisting it always helps!


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