Towpath Half Marathon Training : Week 2

Happy Labor Day to all my US readers!  I'm so happy to have the day off today, and I'll be sharing my week of training.  This was another "eh" week of workouts, but I'm feeling better and better as time goes on.  We're about a month away from the race, so it's time to pick it up!  

Here's a look at the week:

4 miles
There is no better way to start your week than a great run!  The weather was perfect and I was running effortlessly.  I love runs like this that feel easy and fun.


3 miles
Ran on the treadmill today. Kept it nice and easy!

45:00 Yoga
I went to my normal lunchtime yoga class and it was great!  At the beginning of class, the instructor always asks for suggestions for things to focus on or areas we need more work on, and someone said the core.  So- class was really tough and lots of ab-intensive work!  I came away completely exhausted.


Rest Day!


5 miles
Late night run at North Park! It was so gorgeous out today (Hello September!!) and I was joined by Dan and Selma! Did 5 miles with 5 hill repeats (about 1/4 mile each) in the middle. Tough by fun!


3 miles
Nice and easy run to shake out after the hard hill workout!


5 miles
I stayed in the neighborhood for this run and got it out of the way early.  It was such a beautiful day with no humidity and clear skies.  It's amazing how much better I feel when the weather cooperates!


Rest Day!
I was planning on doing my long run, but woke up sore and really tired so I ended up sleeping in instead.  I did a ton of yard work and stuff around the house on Saturday, so this run was just not happening!

Have a great holiday!


  1. I've learned that weather definitely plays a part in weather a run goes well or not. Glad you got some perfect runs!

  2. Nice job last week, Gretch. I love how your song of the week is Private Show. You appear so sweet and pure, you nasty little thing. ;)

  3. So cool you're doing Towpath again!


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