Top Five Friday : Busy Roads Ahead

This is going to be a WEEKEND.  For some reason I either have no plans, or all the plans in the world.  This is definitely the latter, where I have 2-3 social things to do each day, along with some errands to run and work to do.  On top of that, I'm also puppy sitting for the cutest dog in the world (besides Selma of course).  I'm sure I'll be posting a lot on Snapchat, so be sure you follow there to keep up! (My name is gretchxo).  Hope you have a fun- and maybe busy- weekend as well!

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Song : El Dorado by Shakira

Shakira just came out with a new album and it's SO good.  I love all of her Spanish albums, and this one is no exception.  There are so many catchy songs but my favorite are Chantaje and Perro Fiel.

Podcast : Here to Make Friends

The new season of The Bachelorette just started, which means that one of my favorite podcasts is back.  Each week, HtMF recaps the episode, and usually has special guests (Allison Williams was the guest on this season's first episode).  While the talk can sometimes turn a little political which gets annoying, I love hearing the funny recaps of the dates and discussion of all of the contestants.  If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise you need to give this a listen!

Product : Dog Leash

Now that it's getting warm out, I've been taking Selma on a lot of runs with me.  She's always loved to go running, but it was a pain to run with a leash and it would affect my running gait.  I finally decided to buy a running leash and I can't believe that I waited so long!  The leash comes with a belt that snaps around your waist, with a leash that attaches to the belt and to your dog's collar.  The leash has some stretch and give to it, but not too much.  It's really comfortable to wear, and Selma seems to love it as well.  If you want to start running with your dog (or just make it more enjoyable!) I would recommend checking it out.  I got this one from Amazon.

Show : The Bachelorette

Speaking of the Bachelorette, Rachel has got to be my favorite contestant/lead of all time.  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but I love her sense of humor and poise on the show.  She's able to have fun with all of the guys but also let them know that she's not a doormat (the way she handled the DeAngelo situation was incredible).  I love this season so far and most of the guys seem great, so I can't wait to keep watching!

Random : CSA Recipes

We got our second CSA delivery this week, and it's been so much fun trying out new recipes.  Last week I made a rhubarb crumb cake with a simple rhubarb sauce (both so good and easy), and this week I made an incredible miso crusted sweet potato with oven roasted radishes and sauteed kale.  These are all dishes that I would normally never try but they were all so good!

Who else is watching the Bachelorette?
Favorite recipe?


  1. I don't watch the bachelorette but I'm glad you're loving the season. It was about time they added some diversity to the leads on the show!!


  2. I just started watching The Bachelorette this season (I never watched before) and I agree, I really love Rachel! She's got some great guys to pick from too!

    I had not heard that new Shakira song yet - it's awesome!

  3. I love Shakira and need to check out the new songs this weekend

  4. This is the first season in like forever that I opted not to waste time watching the Bachelorette and now I keep hearing how Rachel is so awesome! I guess I missed the boat on that one. Perhaps I should on demand it! Can't wait to see cute puppy pics!

  5. I haven't seen any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series (not sure what the plural for series is ...) but I've been hearing lots of positive comments about this one, as opposed to the regular snarky ones from past seasons. Sure would love to run with my dogs - but they're pugs, so no attention span to focus on a run, no athleticism to be able to plog more than 1/2 a block (that's plod + jog), and anything more than 4% humidity and they're wheezing like an old train going uphill. :)

  6. Mmm. Love me some rhubarb. We didn't grow any thing year, but my MIL always has a ton, and it freezes well (FYI) so she always has enough to make pies to share. YUM.

  7. I always assumed those dog leashes would cause whiplash or something. I'm glad you're able to take Selma running with you. She must be so happy!!! You like a lot of Spanish music... do you speak Spanish?

  8. Enjoy your weekend!! I agree its either super slow paced or super busy weekends--not a lot of in between types! I love Shakira--did not realize that she had a new album out! Favorite recipe is probably bbq cauliflower wings!

    check out ashley I and Ben's new podcast too! Its super entertaining!

  10. I've been looking for a good running leash. I'll check this one out. Thanks!

  11. That leash sounds awesome! I'm loving Rachel too!

  12. can you believe I've not seen an ep of the Bachelor/ette since the first couple of seasons? I feel so out of the loop.


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