What's Up June!

Hi everyone!  Long time, no talk.  What better way to catch up than to do an old-fashioned "What's Up Wednesday" post?!  Here are some recent things going on in my life, and please let me know what's going on in yours.  I miss you all and I hope to start blogging more regularly very, very soon :)

On to today's post!

Eating - Lots of fun, new foods thanks to my CSA box.  I've gotten four boxes so far, and it's been so fun to try out new recipes and flavor combinations.  If anyone's interested, I would love to share a post on some of my favorite meals that I've made with ingredients that I don't typically use (radishes, collards, parsley, rhubarb), or how to use up those more difficult CSA veggies :)

Been up to - Work has been legit crazy lately.  I work on the mobile app team at a bank, and we have been working around the clock to release a new version of our app.  It's been over a year in the making, and we're getting down to crunch time!  It seems like I'm always working- day, night, weekends, and holidays- but I love it.  It's definitely interfered with blogging which is why I haven't been as active on here, but I'm hoping that once we release I'll have a little more free time!

Dreading - My race on Saturday if we want to get specific ;)  Running hasn't been happening as much as I want lately, and when I do go out for runs it's been awful.  I don't usually struggle too much with summer running, but lately I've been exhausted from the first step.  I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm not looking forward to my race and I'm hoping that I can start fresh in July.

Excited about - Summer trips.  This is going to be a very busy couple of months with lots of travel coming up!  So far I'll be going to Mexico, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Tennessee, and DC. I'm really excited to be getting out (it feels like it's been so long since I've gone on a trip and I'm getting major wanderlust!) and I can't wait to share what I do!


Watching - As usual, I'm all about the reality shows- America's Got Talent, World of Dance, and The Bachelorette.  I tried to watch the Handmaid's Tale (while I'm reading the book) but it just seems to move sooo slowly and I feel like I'm forcing myself to finish it.  I'm also on the last season of Parenthood and I'm so sad that it's ending!  I would have to rank it high up on my list of favorite shows of all time..it's so good.

Reading - There are a few new books on my reading list: Handmaid's Tale (which I'm slogging through), Wool (which is really good and interesting but super long), The Nest (which is entertaining and light-hearted so far), and The Dry (which I haven't technically started yet but is in my queue).  As a side note, this always happens to me...I either have 0 books in my Overdrive queue, or 4 get checked out to me all at the same time and I have to rush to read them before they get returned to the library!


Listening to - 80's rock ballads!  I started listening to a playlist on Amazon Music at work one day (one of the only streaming apps that isn't blocked by my work's wifi) and found it to be the perfect work music.  There's something about the tempo and style of the music that is perfect for keeping me motivated and relaxed while I'm working.

Wearing - Here are a few recent looks:
Loving this striped blouse I just got at Target..super comfortable!
I've been looking for a pair of gray jeans for the longest time, and these ones from J Crew Factory fit like a glove!

What else is new - This weekend, one of my life long goals/dreams came true- I got my own kayak!  I am definitely a water person, and feel the happiest when I'm out on the water in a kayak, stand-up paddle board, boat, or just swimming around.  We moved to our area specifically because it's really close to a beautiful lake (where I run most of the time!) and now I'm excited to start kayaking there as well.  There was a sale going on at Dick's if anyone else is interested in getting one- I got this one (marked down to $280) and Dan got this one (marked down to $180).

What's up in your world?
Water or land lover?
Any trips coming up?

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  1. It stinks when life gets in the way of what we want to actually do. But pushing off shore in a kayak sounds like a bit of heaven there. I really enjoyed The Nest - up till part of the ending (no spoilers though). Good luck on your race Saturday!

  2. Well, I'm certainly happy for you that you enjoy working so much! That's a gift. So many people dread it, although it's all in the attitude. You have a good one. YOU ARE SO CUTE in those pics!!! I cannot WAIT to wear normal clothes again. It feels like it's been forever.

  3. What part of Mexico are you going to? I just got back from there this weekend. I had a great time but got sick when I came back. Be sure to brush your teeth with bottled water...lol.

  4. That kayak - so jelly! Kayaking is on my summer bucket list every year but we just never get around to it.

    I have been struggling with summer running as well. I have felt slow and tired on many of my runs, so I understand how you feel. And I don't blame you for dreading your race - I felt the same way about a race I ran a couple weeks ago. Get through the race, and focus on all the exciting travel you have planned and enjoying your summer. Running will still be there when you get back :-)

  5. Loving that grey jeans look! And we just started our CSA, which I am PUMPED about. TV wise, we are pretty much married to the Cubs and Game of Thrones with some Master of None and Nazi Megaweapons for variety. ;D

  6. I bet work stress is contributing to your running in addition to the heat. You can run my trail 10k with me Saturday instead!


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