Top Five Friday : Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!  It's been quite a while (almost a month) since I've done a Top Five Friday post, so I'm happy to be sharing some favorites with you all today!  This weekend I'll be spending time with my family for the holidays.  I hope you all have safe travels if you're going somewhere, or just enjoy some time with loved ones.  And if you don't celebrate the holidays- I hope you have a great weekend and get some time to relax!!

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Leslie Odom Jr. - Simply Christmas
If you're looking for a great Christmas album to really get you into the spirit, look no further.  Leslie Odom Jr. has SUCH an amazing voice (if you listened to the Hamilton soundtrack you would know him as Aaron Burr, sir) and the spin he puts on classics is just perfection.  I think he sounds a lot like Sam Smith, who is one of my favorite singers, with a mix of John Legend.  I absolutely love him and can't stop playing this CD around the house! 


Ali on the Run Podcast
I've been listening to this podcast (and following the blog) for a really long time, but lately Ali has just been killing it with her guests!  Not only is she bringing on huge names in the running community (Molly Huddle, Kara Goucher, Neely Spence Gracey), but also interviews amazing people that you might not have heard of before/didn't know they were runners (blogger Janae Baron, Full House's Andrea Barber).  I love her interviewing style and the great stories that she tells.  It's my favorite running podcast, and I always look forward to listening to her episodes on my long runs!


Trader Joe's finds
I go through phases with different grocery stores (one month I'm all about Aldi's, then I only shop at Whole Foods, etc), and this month is definitely Trader Joe's!  It's hard to NOT shop there when they have all kinds of amazing treats and products for the holidays.  A few favorites that I recently picked up are the Almond Milk Nog (which I add to coffee for the perfect amount of holiday spice), face mask trio (which is making irritated winter skin feel baby soft), and the Kale, Cashew and Basil Pesto (perfect addition to a vegan "cheese plate").


The Great Family Cooking Showdown
You should all know by now how much I love the Great British Bake Off, and I was really sad to finish the latest season on Neflix.  In order to fill that England-sized hole in my chest, I was really happy to find the Great Family Cooking Showdown, which is hosted by one of my favorite past winners (Nadiya).  The format is different from GBBO and features families that are cooking meals rather than just desserts, but I still get the same warm fuzzy feeling when I watch it.  I actually binge-watched the entire first season on my plane ride to Hawaii and was in the best mood ever!  (I do have to admit though, I kind of hate the judges on this show because they don't compare AT ALL to the perfect Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood).


Oil Diffuser

I've been wanting to try oil diffusers for a while now, and finally bit the bullet and bought one (on sale!) at Target a few weeks ago.  So far my oil collection is super tiny, with a "sleep" blend as well as lemon/eucalyptus (my favorite!!), but I'm loving it!  I have trouble sleeping, but as soon as I switch this on and smell the amazing oils, I immediately feel calm and have been sleeping much better.  I don't know how much I believe about all of the amazing health claims yet, but as far as relaxation and sleep goes- these definitely work!

Traveling anywhere for the holidays?
Have you tried diffusing oil yet?


  1. Wait, those products are from Trader Joes????
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I have an oil diffuser that is also a blue tooth speaker. How cool is that? I am always looking for new podcast. I have heard of this one on someone else's blog recently. I need to finally download it.

  3. have not been to TJ's for a long time but I had no idea they had those facial products they look great. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I haven't been to TJ's in a few weeks - I see it's time for me to make a trip up there. I would love to try those products you mentioned.

    1. HIGHLY recommend them. There's so many great things out now :)


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