Week in Workouts [April 23-29]

Hi everyone!  What a week this was...I got to run my first race of the year and had a great trip with friends!  This was the race where I was originally planning on doing the full marathon, but doing the half was so much more fun.  Here's a look at how my week was and a quick recap of the race:


3 miles / 9:44 pace
I got to do this run with Dan!  We just went around the neighborhood, and ended up with a nice negative split run (our mile splits were 10:01, 9:41, 9:31.  Not bad!)


1200 yard swimming
I did another breathing workout for my morning swim.  Here's what it looked like-
200 yard warm up
200 yard with no breath at the wall
4x100 yard breathing every 4 strokes
4x50 sprint
200 yard cool down


Rest Day!


3.30 miles / 9:10 pace
I was working from home for take your kid to work day (NO THANK YOU) and got to run at lunch.  It was such a beautiful day and I was just smiling and waving at everyone out in my neighborhood.  I did another unintentional progression run, with splits at 9:37, 9:18, 8:47 and 8:26.

Reformer Fusion / 1 hour
I made it to another reformer class, and this time there was a different instructor.  The class was fun again- we started with some yoga moves, then moved to the reformer, then finished on foam rollers.  We got to roll out, as well as do some core work using the roller (try doing a plank, putting your foam roller under your forearms.  SO HARD).


Rest Day!
I had plans to go for a bike ride, but of course it decided to rain all day.  Oh well!  I got some yard work done between rain, so still got in some exercise.


 Rest Day / Travel Day
Early in the morning, Steff, Jessie, Maddie and I met up for cinnamon rolls and mimosas before setting off for Canton!  We went to the race expo to pick up our packets, then checked out a local brewery (Royal Docks- highly recommend) and then checking in to our Airbnb.  We stayed in and just had a blast hanging out, trying some Rose (#AllDay), singing karaoke, and just having good old girl time.


2 mile warm up + 13.1 mile race / 9:49 pace
I can't hang like I used to, so getting up early for the race was a bit of a struggle.  I felt pretty awful the entire race, but luckily all of the girls kept me going!  I hung with them for 12 miles and then coasted in to the finish line while Maddie crushed her old PR by over 8 minutes.  It was a perfect ending to such a fun weekend!


  1. I want in on that reformer class! They are my fave :D

  2. "I was working from home for take your kid to work day (NO THANK YOU)".

    This line made me LOL. Glad you had a fun race weekend!!


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