Busy as a Bee

Happy Monday! Last week was kind of crazy- work was busy with lots of meetings everyday, and I had more (socially distant) plans than usual. Feels nice to be around people again. We also had a car issue that kind of ruined some plans, but otherwise it was a nice week. Here's how my workouts went-


45 min SUP

Mornings on the water are the best! Headed out for some tranquility and found it. This is going to be a good week- I can feel it.

20 min Hip Hop Full Body Strength with Adrian

It's official- I think that Adrian is my new favorite instructor. His classes are always challenging but within my wheelhouse (movements are simple or have a good modifications). Plus, his demeanor is just what I like in an instructor- warm and friendly but pushes you to keep going. Really enjoyed this full body workout, which had 2 circuits and a bonus round at the end!

30 min Latin Celebration Ride with Kendall

I wanted to do a quick ride at night, so I chose one that I had bookmarked with Kendall. This was such a fun class with an amazing playlist! Besides classical music, Latin music is probably my favorite. It always puts a smile on my lipsand a wiggle in my hips!


30 min 80s Fun Run with Matty

Easy run this morning. Got a little summer rain storm which felt amazing! I followed it up with one of Matty's post-run stretches which had some insane hip openers.


30 min Prince Ride with Ally and Emma

Another fun Artist Series! I didn't know a lot about Prince or even most of his songs, so this was an education and a fun ride for me! Ally and Emma were so much fun together- even starting the ride with a choreographed dance. I liked it a lot!


20 min Hip Hop Run with Rebecca

Super fun playlist and a fun workout! I went out on this at lunchtime and it was SO hot..definitely regret not waking up to run before work. Huuuuge mistake.


20 min Restorative Yoga with Kristin
I wanted a nice and relaxing workout, and this one fit the bill. So many nice stretches- one of my favorites I've taken so far.


45 min Turkey Burn Fun Run with Matt
Headed to the park for this run- I did it half on trails and half on roads. Still feeling a bit lazy with running lately (the closed off trail I wanted to run on was basically my mood in a nutshell)- need to start going with friends again! When I got home I did a full body stretch, then a quick core.

10 min Dolly Parton Core with Selena
Even though this was a short workout it was INTENSE. I was so sore after this- it was a good mix of holding positions and also some cardio moves. I liked it but also hated it since it was really tough!


3 mile Hike
Dan and I had such a fun day planned with kayaking and biking, but unfortunately our car's starter wasn't working! Instead of doing all that, I took Selma to a park for a nice hike. It was fun and I'm glad I got to spend time with Selma, but bummed we couldn't have our fun morning.

30 min Intervals and Arms Ride with Cody
Reunited with my boo for this ride! I usually just take Cody for really fun classes where I can jam out to the music and not care, but today I worked really hard and enjoyed the workout. There were lots of intervals as well as a pretty long arm section, but the class went by super quickly. Plus, there were so many of my favorite songs included.


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