Nature Calling

Hi everyone! This was a fun week for me- Dan and I went camping at Raccoon Creek State Park! We were originally supposed to go on Thursday, but he had a minor accident and we left on Friday instead. It was lots of fun though! Here's how my week of workouts went-


2 mile run

Convinced Dan to join me for a morning run. It was so nice and cool out so this felt heavenly. Don't think he agreed, but we made it without walking!

30 min Intermediate Yoga Flow with Chelsea

Evening yoga flow with my favorite instructor. This was my first Intermediate flow in a while, and I loved it! It was challenging, but all within my capabilities. There were a lot of twists and heart openers which I enjoy. The time flew by!

20 min 90s Ride with Alex

Great ride right after yoga to end the night. This was so much fun...putting my favorite time period of music together with the best cycle instructor and it's a recipe for success. More of this please!


30 min Pop Fun Run

Pre-work run. Felt sluggish on this run since I could only sleep 3 hours. I liked this playlist a lot though and that helped!


20 min Restorative Yoga with Anna

Always feels good to do restorative yoga. I feel like Anna's classes are all the same though so it's nice to know what to expect, but I never get to try anything new!


Strength for Runners with Becs Gentry

This was such a great and fun class! There were two different circuits, and both focused a lot on the legs with a little bit of arms and core. I like Becs's classes a lot, and this strength was fantastic.

20 min Run + Walk with Matty

I followed up the strength with a nice and easy run and walk class. This is just the speed I'm looking for- nice and easy and just a bit of a push. I should do more of these!


3 mile Hike

Dan, Selma and I headed to Raccoon Creek State Park for camping, and went on a nice hike as soon as we arrived. We parked near the park office and did the Lake trail, which leads to (of course) the lake. It was a nice and easy trail, with a creek nearby that Selma got to swim in. 


4 mile Hike

We woke up early to head to the wildflower reserve, which was in full bloom. Unfortuantely we learned that dogs weren't allowed on the trails, so Dan stayed while I did a super short loop to see the flowers. They were gorgeous and I wish both of them could have seen the blooms.

Since that trail was a bust, we headed back to the park office and did the Mineral Springs Trail. I actually did this years ago during my one and only time in the park. It's a fun and short hike with some steep sections and creek crossings, but the highlight is a mineral spring and cave area. It's beautiful, and also a natural place to fill your water (we didn't do this, but saw others fill up!).


45 min Run + Walk with Becs

Sticky, warm morning run. This workout was broken into walk and run segments- 10 min walk, 10 min run, 10 min walk, 10 min run, 1 min walk, 1 min run, 1 min walk, 1 min run, cool down. It was fun and felt good to shake out after camping.

30 min 2000s Ride with Hannah F

Took it nice and easy to cross off Hannah on my month of trying all the Peloton instructors! I've tried a few other classes with her, and she always has a great music selection. This class was no exception! Now I only have 8 instructors left for the final week of August- Ben, Christine, Leanne, Sam, Irene, Erik, Tunde, and Jenn.


  1. Tunde is one of my favorite instructors! I'm still slowly trying them all but keep coming back to her rides.

    1. She is SO amazing!! I love how she can do really fun and upbeat rides but I've really appreciated her Speak Up series. Love how she doesn't back down from those hard conversations and has taught me sooooooo much.

  2. I've seen you rave about the app and Peloton instructors. I recently joined myself. What's your username?


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