Final Countdown

Another week has come and gone, and we're finally in the last day of January! This month was LONG and I'm excited for it to be February and race month! Hard to believe that race day is almost here, but I feel so ready for it and can't wait to see how I do. Here's how the week went!


3 mile Run + Yoga + Core

Convinced Dan to run with me today (trying to make it a weekly thing with him) and we did two miles together and then one solo. It warmed up after a cold weekend so I was happy to break out my shorts for this run. I also started my day on the right foot with a morning yoga flow with Erica on Zoom! She's starting to do a weekly class and I'm excited to add that to my schedule as well.


4 mile Run + Bike + Core

Morning run with friends at the Art Museum! We missed a few weeks with the colder weather but were back at it again this morning and it was awesome. In the evening I joined a live Peloton class with Cody- who always plays the best throwback pop music- and followed it up with my core class. Somehow I completely forgot to do yoga today!


2 mile Run + Yoga + Core

I did my yoga in the morning to make sure I didn't forget it again, then did my 2 miles after work. I remembered back when I first moved to North Carolina and doing 2 miles was a struggle for me, so it was great to think of how far I've come since then and am feeling so strong lately! I took this run easy and had a great time in the sunshine. When I got home I did my weekly test in Crush Your Core!


7x800 repeats + Yoga + Core
Got back with Kaile for weekly speed work this morning! It was a little cold out but actually felt amazing as we were running. I felt really great on the repeats and my only issue was my stomach- I decided to finally order more U-Can because I remember it working well for me years ago when I was marathon training. But- still positive changes happening.


Rest Day!

Had a great rest day with some light movement- long walk with Selma, daily yoga, and tried the new live Shadowboxing class on Peloton! It was really fun and a great workout.


4 mile Run + Yoga + Core

We got a tiny dusting of snow overnight, so the park was completely empty! I made a little loop for myself that was fun and took it easy on this run. When I got home, I did yoga and started the final week of Crush Your Core.


10k Run + Yoga + Core

My run of the day was supposed to be a 10k race, but I couldn't find any in the area, so I just did a solo hard effort run on the Tobacco Trail. My goal was to average around 8:30 pace and to get faster in the second 5k, but also wanted to run by feel. At the end when I looked at my watch I was so happy to see my pace was exactly 8:30 and every single mile was faster than the one before! This felt great but also hard so I know I still have work to go. When I got home I joined a Zoom yoga class with Erica and did my core workout.


  1. As always, I love reading about your weather (it seems generally nice, compared to many other places, but maybe it gets really hot in summer?), and the variety of things you work into your workouts! I hope the race goes/went (since it's already February!) well!

    1. Our weather is definitely amazing! It's my first winter here and after going through harsh winters in Pennsylvania my entire life I am just LOVING it here. It does get hot/humid in the summer but I actually like it really hot! Thanks Anne :)


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