Let's Tri This Again

It's about that time again- I decided to sign up for more triathlons! I had so much fun last year at the Wrightsville Beach Sprint Tri that I decided to get an annual membership to USTA Triathlon and sign up for a few more races this year. Not only am I doing Wrightsville again, but I have a variety of other races I want to do! The first race is at the beginning of June which feels far away but also very soon, so training starts now. Here's a look at how my first "official" week of training went.


1500 yard swim

I can't wait until the pool in my neighborhood opens again, because while I've been enjoying swimming over the winter at my gym it's such an ordeal to actually get a workout done! It's only a 15 minute drive, but that's still an extra 30 minutes to get there and back, then time to change and shower, and also try to find a lane because it always seems to be busy. I definitely am glad I have a place to swim now though and have been trying to go longer to make the time commitment and money I spend going to the gym worth it! Today was one of those days that I wanted to stop after about 500 yards but pushed myself to keep going. I'm really proud of this swim because last year during training I only got this far twice, and I'm already there!


Rest Day

I was supposed to meet up with my morning run group, but I just did not have any energy this morning! I knew I needed the sleep so I cancelled on the run (which luckily everyone was understanding about) and took Selma on a long walk in the afternoon.



Back in January, I started going to morning bootcamp classes at my gym. I haven't been very consistent with it, but it's my goal to go every week (or try other strength classes). I really like this one because it's early but not too early, it's outdoors, and the exercises are always different. Class goes by really quickly and I love it!

3 mile Run

I went to my local run club tonight and Dan joined me! We did about a mile together, then I ran solo for a bit until I caught back up to Dan and we ran back together. It was a great run and I've been enjoying having a run club so close to me! I still go to my original run club that I found when I first moved here, but since it's so far away I've been going less frequently and trying to find ones closer to me.


45 min bike

I took it nice and easy on my indoor bike to stretch out my legs after yesterday! There are always so many squats and leg exercises at bootcamp so my legs are always dead afterwards. This felt great!



Sunrise yoga is back and we had a gorgeous sunrise to welcome us back! Class today was pretty tough and I was exhausted by the end of it! We seemed to work every muscle and I was shaking so many times. Defintely a great workout and a reminder to get back to more regular yoga classes.


It was such a nice day out, so I went to the lake during lunch for a quick kayak break. I just got a new foldable kayak (since my inflatable one no longer stays inflated...RIP) and this was the first trip out. I really liked how quick it set up and tore down, and it was really comfortable! The water was pretty choppy and it was rough out there so I didn't stay too long, but I love being on the water!


4 mile run

How many deer do you see? It was a beautiful morning out and I had a really busy day, so I was happy to do a fun run this morning. I got to see a nice sun rise and felt pretty good on this run!


2.5 mile hike

I wanted to go for a bike ride, but the weather was really temperamental! I made it out for a nice hike with Selma at Hemlock Bluffs (one of my faves) and we got a little bit of rain but it was mostly sunny out. They just replaced all of the bridges and boardwalks and it was so nice! The trees are starting to turn more green and it really feels like spring is just about here.


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