Fourth of July Weekend!

Hello! Happy (belated) 4th of July to everyone!
I had a fantastic weekend. It was nice to be able to relax and see some friends and meet new ones. Having a day off of work is also always nice! I was able to get in a few good-quality workouts this weekend, which I'm really happy about. On Saturday, I wasn't feeling so great, so I wanted to have an easy trail run at Riverview. Once I started though, I immediately felt better and ended up having a great run. I ran 3.58 miles all over the trails in a little under 30:00. On Sunday, I was able to go running at North Park, which is a really nice place that I like to run. There's a road going around the lake there, and it's 5 miles. The course is a bit hilly, which makes it challenging but it's a very quick run. It was an extremely hot day out, and it was a bit of a challenge to finish the run. I did the 5 miles in 41:00, which I was pretty happy about.
I also lifted weights on Monday, which I haven't been doing lately. For a while, I was lifting about 3 times a week, and it was really helping my conditioning. I have three different workouts that I rotate through, and they each have three moves for legs, two for shoulders, two for triceps and one for biceps. I do three sets of each exercise with ten reps, and in between exercises I do ten pushups and jumprope for two minutes. Sometimes I'll do a half hour of stationary bike before I start, but didn't yesterday. The workout was pretty good, but I could definitely tell I took too much time off of lifting.
Overall, I'd say my fourth of July weekend was very productive, happy, and fun :) Everyday I can feel myself improving and that's really great for motivation! Even if training is tough at first and it's easy to give up, pushing through that will make it all easy and worth it. JUST KEEP GOING!!

Pittsburgh Marathon: 305 days
7/2 Workout: 3.58 miles/29:42
7/3 Workout: 5.02 miles/ 41:27
7/4 Workout: 1 hour Full Body Conditioning


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