Training Week Five

What a week! I did my longest run of training so far (8 miles) and felt absolutely amazing during it. I also had a great interval workout on Wednesday that made me feel like I'm really getting into shape and it feels INCREDIBLE. Here is my week of workouts:

10/10/11: Stretching and 1 hour of strength

10/12/11: Treadmill intervals: 1 mile warmup at 9:00/mile pace, 7x400 at 7:00/mile pace, cool-down at 10:00/mile pace in between each, 1 mile cool-down at 10:00/mile pace. Total of 5.5 miles

10/13/11: Unfortunately my watch died half way through the run (I need to remember to always keep it charged!) so the rest of my run is highlighted in green. Total of 30 minutes, so I'm guessing a little over 3 miles.
1 hour of strength

10/14/11: Rest
10/15/11: PSU 23 - Purdue 18
10/16/11: Rest (Study Day..ew)

This is going to be an easier week of training and I definitely need it! It's been a lot of hard work and my body is so sore. I'm loving adding mileage every week, so I can't wait to keep going!

Here is my schedule for the upcoming week:
Stretch &
4 m run
40 min tempo
3 m run +
Rest or easy run
10-K Race

Nittany Valley Half Marathon: 45 days
Pittsburgh Marathon: 199 days


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