Training Week Three

"STAND UP and FINISH what you started" Bob Harper

This was a really rough but fun week. I had 4 exams, countless hours of homework, 2 presentations and band practice. On the weekend I went camping for the first time ever, which was so much fun! I also incorporated an aerobic class at Penn State into my workout, which was a great change of pace and really enjoyable! I'll try to add another in the next week.

9/26: stretching and light plyometrics

9/27: 3.5 mile run: 27:00, 8:00/mile

9/28: 6x400 repeats on treadmill with 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down

9/29: 3.5 mile run: 30:00, 8:32/mile
Step Aerobics class- 45:00

9/30, 10/1: REST and CAMPING!

10/2: 4.25 mile run: 38:47, 9:07/mile

Here's next week's schedule:
Stretch &
3.5 m run
35 min tempo
3 m run +
3 m run
7 m run

Happy Valley Half Marathon: 61 days
Pittsburgh Marathon: 214 days


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