Seawheeze Half Marathon Training Week 4

Hi everyone!  Today I'll be recapping last week's training.  It was a traveling week for me, so I only had about half of a week of real workouts.  The rest of the week was spent having fun with Dan's family, so I'll be sharing that as well.  I'm hoping to get back on track this week, and we'll see if taking a mini break helps or hurts my training!


2.5 mile walk
I was still feeling a little sick on Monday (I think the 5 miler race in the heat affected me more than I originally thought!) so I took it easy this morning.  I went on a nice walk before work and rested the rest of the day.


4 miles / 36:50 / 9:12 pace
I woke up feeling a lot better, and it was my birthday, so I went out for a run on the river trail downtown.  It was such a beautiful day and a perfect way to start off my 26th year!  I also decided to take a yoga class at lunchtime, and it was one of the best classes I've ever taken.  The instructor was fantastic and I felt challenged and relaxed after the class was over.  I'll definitely be back!


4.5 miles / 40:00 / 8:53 pace
Wednesday is my speed work day, and this was a great workout!  I warmed up for a mile, then alternated 3 minutes fast at an 8:00 pace with a 2 minute recovery.  I did that four times, followed by a mile cool down.  I loved pushing myself and the pace felt great.


Rest day / Travel day!


Dan and I spent the weekend with his family at a lake house in Virginia, and we spent a lot of the time out in the water!  Friday was a beautiful day, so we went kayaking, swimming, and jet skiing.  This year we got Selma a life jacket and she was zooming around in the water!


We mostly stayed inside on Saturday.  It was cold and rainy out, so we played lots of games, watched Wimbledon, and didn't get any exercise at all!


Dan and I took a little hike up to the Roanoke Star on our last full day at the lake house.  It was another dreary day, so it was perfect to get out in town.  We walked around the trails in the park for about an hour and got some pictures. It was a little foggy out, but it was still a great view of the mountains.

So, not a great week of workouts but I got in two solid runs and did lots of cross training!  I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things this week, and get in my first double digit run of this cycle.

How do you stay in shape on vacation?
Do you like to spend time in the water?
Beach, lake, or mountains?


  1. What a great week... and I went kayaking for the first time a couple of month ago and loved it! :)

  2. Ugh your pictures of Pittsburgh are making me nostalgic. I miss it! Lake houses are the best, there are so many things to do! Any vacation (beach, lake or mountains) will do for me. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday, girl! What an awesome way to kick off your birthday too!

  4. Roanoke! Were you at Smith Mountain Lake?

  5. Sounds like a great week overall! Sometimes life is worth missing workouts for :)

  6. I love kayaking! My dog has a life jacket too but we don't take him swimming nearly enough. Happy belated birthday :)

  7. Your vacation looked so fun! I usually run every day no matter if I'm on vacation or not but I didn't run in Mexico and I'm taking this week off too because of my back. :(

  8. Oh my goodness, Selma in the lifejacket is TOO MUCH! We tried to get my dog to swim once, and while we learned that, yes, he CAN swim, he immediately went RIGHT back to shore, ha!

    1. Hahaha! That's hilarious! Selma actually wont swim at all unless we're in the water, then she'll jump in after us :) Otherwise, she'll just swim to shore and get out ASAP!

  9. Looks like a great week to me.
    My black lab loves the water and when we hit up the lake she usually is laying in the shallow area having her own little hangout session.

  10. Happy birthday! Selma swimming in her life jacket--adorable! I also took the weekend off from running. Sometimes it's just the right thing to do!


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