Top Five Friday #62

Good morning everyone!  How was your week?  Mine completely blew by, and I can't believe it's already the weekend!  Work has been absolutely crazy, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend.  I have a few friends coming in to visit and some active plans with Dan (to go along with his health goals) so it should be great!

As usual, I'm going to share my favorites of the week today.  I hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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Jess Beautician

I just discovered this YouTube channel, and I'm hooked!  Jess shares natural beauty products and vegan recipes.  She recently did a daily series on her channel called Vegan June, where she shared what she ate every day.  All of her food looks amazing, and I love the fact that she shows how to prepare it as well as the recipe for everything!  If you're wanting to try out the vegan lifestyle, I would highly recommend checking her out.

CrossFit Games

Earlier this week the 10th CrossFit Games started.  While I don't do CrossFit, I love watching any kind of competition and this one is so fun to follow!  I watched for the first time last year (and even wrote a post about it), and this year I followed the entire "season" much closer.  I'm so excited to see what events they throw out and how some of my favorites will do!  I'm hoping for a huge comeback win for Iceland Annie on the women's side, and an upset from the hilarious Sam Dancer on the men's side.  (I wrote this earlier in the week, and so far both athletes are doing great with some event wins in the early rounds!)  P.S.- you can find out how to watch the events here!

Play! by Sephora

This month I got my first Play! by Sephora box!  After being on the wait list for a few months, I was so excited to get it in the mail.  Since I go to the gym before work every day, I've only been using my travel sized products, so this box is really useful to me.  I haven't bought any new makeup so far this year, so I thought this was a great way to try out new products without spending a ton of money (each box is only $10!).  Here's what came in my first box:

Play by Sephora July 2016 box review

Benefit Dew the Hoola : This is the only product that I don't like so far. I don't really use bronzers much, and this one is really orange.

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Primer : A great, basic primer!  This has been a cult favorite for years, and I like it as well.  It's a silicone primer, which really smooths out the skin and leaves it feeling so soft!

beautyblender blotterazzi : In the summer, my skin gets really oily, so this will be useful for me.  The idea of this sponge is to use it in place of blotting sheets.  I already use and love the original beautyblender, so I was excited to get this product!  This alone is $20, which already makes this box worth the money to me.

Ouai Wave Spray :  I've heard a lot of hype about this brand (which was developed by the Kardashian's hair stylist) so I was really excited to try out this spray!  I've been taking it to the gym to use after showering, and it smells SO good.  It also gives my hair some volume, but not too much wave.  What I really love is the fact that this doesn't make my hair feel crunchy, like a lot of wave sprays!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser : I love this brand, so I was happy to get a travel size to take to the gym.  This is a basic cleanser that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all!

NEST Citrine Perfume : Every box comes with a perfume sample, and I really liked this one!  It's a citrus scent with notes of Lemon Blossom, Lotus Flower, Freesia, Dew Drop Accord, and Precious Wood.

Hammock Update

I promised to update you all on our hammock after I got it and tried it out- and I'm in love!  I've been spending time relaxing (usually eating ice cream) in the evening, and it's so comfortable.  It's also really roomy, and Dan and I are both able to fit in the hammock with room for Selma.  It was easy to set up and looks great on our deck!  It's no longer on sale, but I would still recommend it if you're looking for a cheap, high-quality hammock!

Big Brother

I've been awful about keeping up with my favorite TV shows lately, but one that Dan and I both enjoy and watch weekly is Big Brother!  This season is so entertaining thus far, but I keep flip flopping on who I like!  One minute I like Frank, then I hate him, then I love Da'Vonne, then I can't stand her, etc etc etc.  One thing is for sure- I can't wait to see who's coming back into the house!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Any other BB fans out there?  Who are you rooting for?
Any YouTube suggestions?


  1. I forgot about big brother! I used to watch it (I think 2 years ago) and I did like it - I need to watch it again!

  2. I'm obsessed with hammocks. I just love them. ONE DAY I WILL HAVE ONE

  3. We use to have a hammock like that but gave it to my MIL cus it took up way too much space on our deck. I think my husband misses it now! Have a good weekend!

  4. We were going to get a hammock this summer but it would have had to go where the dogs play (small backyard). They are awesome for reading and napping!

  5. Oh man, I would love a hammock, but I think we would need two because anything over about 75 degrees & the BF is too hot.

    BB, never seen.
    Youtube, no recommendations.
    0/2 so far...

    But I do have weekend plans!
    Long run tomorrow - are you joining Pro Bike + Run? You should. :)
    And a new dessert recipe + game night on Sunday. Way too excited about game night! Plus it means guinea pigs for my recipe!

    Happy weekend. :)

    1. I'm planning on joining them! I'll see you there :)

  6. If I could steal my phone back from Callum and his obsession with watching Thomas the Train videos, I'd check out Jess Beautician! Maybe Callum will like her too. ;)

    1. Haha maybe! Her voice is super soothing so maybe he would like that.

  7. Why are hammocks so comfortable?! I think I may need one for my patio. Hmm...

  8. We just got a hammock in the backyard at home as a housewarming gift. I haven't used it yet but I might have to try it out this weekend!

  9. Ohhhh I love watching the Crossfit Games! (As I sit on the couch eating ice cream.... Fail.) I never keep track of when they're actually on but I'm going to check it out now! Thanks :-)
    -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

    1. Haha same! I was drinking a beer watching it the other day as they were on their 10th WOD in 3 days...whoops!

  10. I caught a little bit of the CrossFit games randomly and then the coverage just ended and went to a channel we don't get and I was so disappointed because I got so into it! I'm glad the hammock was a success-- it looks so comfortable!

    1. Oh no! You should be able to find coverage soon on their YouTube channel :)


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