Top Five Friday #60

Hi everyone!  I can't believe that this is already my 60th edition of Top Five Friday!  To switch things up today, I'm going to be sharing five favorites in three different categories : shows, songs, and empty products.  I hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Five Shows

Big Brother : I've always been such a big fan of this show, and this might be one of my favorite seasons ever!  I love the Roadkill twist, and the four contestants that they brought back are some of my favorites.  I think that a female might actually win this season, and I'm cheering for Mama Day!

Food Network Star : I didn't start watching this season until I was at the lake house this last weekend, and ended up watching with Dan's grandma (who, by the way, has a fantastic blog!!) and now I'm hooked.  I always loved this show and the challenges, and this season is great!  I think Tregaye and Jernard are both hilarious and one of them should win!

America's Got Talent : I love the variety of acts on this show, but I feel like they're really pushing for a singer to win this season.  All of the golden buzzers were given to singers, which isn't as exciting to me.  There are so many singing shows out there, and I wish this show was strictly for other talents!

Bachelorette : I'm pretty sure it's a done deal that Luke is going to be the next Bachelor, and I'm fine with that!  All of the other guys are either boring or seem shady (cough JORDAN cough), so I'm ready for a new season to start.

So You Think You Can Dance : Originally, I wasn't excited for this season at all.  I thought the kids would be okay dancers and just play up the cuteness, but they are seriously talented!  I'm also excited to see some of my favorite alums back (like Fik-Shun, Gaby and Kathryn).  So far, I think that Tate is the one to beat.

Five Songs

Here are some of the newest songs on my workout playlist:

Five Empty Products

Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution : 10/10 : A few weeks ago, Dan and I were at Target and I decided to pick up a mini bag of these salts on a whim and told him I wanted to start getting into baths. He made fun of me for picking such a weird new hobby, but I love it as a way to relax and ease muscle pain during training. These salts smell great and area really cheap- next I want to try the pre and post workout formula!

Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes : 10/10 : I've talked about these wipes before, but I love having them in my gym bag to "wash" my face after a workout, and these don't irritate my skin at all.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Color : 5/10 : Most days, I wear cream eye shadow and love how quick it is to apply and how long wearing it is.  I was excited to try this formula, which is supposed to be really good, and loved the champagne shade of number 13.  Unfortunately, the shadow creased on my eyes and it seemed to dry up really quickly.

EOS Coconut Milk Balm : 2/10 : I've always liked EOS balms, and this one smells amazing!  Unfortunately, something in the formula doesn't agree with me and I get bumps on my mouth when I wear this.  It's not empty but I'm getting rid of it! (and not sharing a link to it- stay away!)

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick : 10/10 : If you want a really good cream shadow, try out these sticks from Mally!  I love how easy these are to apply (no dipping your finger in a pot) and they blend out so well.  I just finished shimmering mauve, which is a beautiful bronze shade that brings out my eye color!

What shows are you watching?
Any new favorite songs?
What are your recent favorite products?


  1. I love Keith Urban's song "wasted time." Listen to that on repeat!

  2. Don't google the issue people are having with EOS. People are getting the SAME bumps around their mouth when they use it. Glad you're throwing it out!

  3. I'm afraid to start Food Network Star - I'm pretty sure I'll end up loving it and binge watching it ha I keep hearing it's good though!

  4. I havent watched Food network star yet either but im sure i would love it! I also loved watching Guys Grocery Games. Currently watching Diners Drive ins and Dives on occasion.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I havent watched Food network star yet either but im sure i would love it! I also loved watching Guys Grocery Games. Currently watching Diners Drive ins and Dives on occasion.

  7. omg that's terrifying about the eos balm. i'll stay away from that one. i keep meaning to pick up the simple wipes. i don't watch any of those shows, but KC and I just started watching Penny Dreadful which I am loving!

  8. Dr. Teal's is my favorite! I started using Epsom salts this spring during half marathon training and they have been a game changer.

  9. I used to like watching SYTYCD, it's so much fun. I would still watch it if I caught it because they are so amazing. When I watch those extreme fitness challenge shows, I can see how they can train themselves to do stuff but I can't imagine being able to dance that well.

  10. We just finished watching Prison Break so we're looking for a new show! We started Hemlock Grove on Netflix but it was way too weird so we called it quits after 3 episodes and last night we watched two episodes of The Originals which seems alright! We have serious Netflix bingeing problems hahaha.

  11. I've seen none of the shows you listed *lol*

    I've used the Simple Micellar Wipes and love having them in my gym bag or for travel as well. :)
    And I currently love the Shea Moisture Body Butter Lotion. So rich!

  12. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER. Every single one of those songs are bomb. And I always love your makeup recommendations. Which reminds me, you know the Kat Von D eyeliner you love? I used to use the Stella liquid black eyeliner and then when mine ran out I bought Kat's but I actually like Stella better (Kat's is a close second though so I understand why you love it). I just think you should try Stella sometime! Just to see!

  13. I always see the Simple wipes at my pharmacy but never thought of picking them up cause I was never sure if they were any good. I think now I would try them out. :)

  14. I wasn't crazy about this season of FNS at first, but the contestants have definitely grown on me and the episodes are always hilarious! I've wanted to try out a few other shadow sticks and those sound great!


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