Streak Week Three

Happy Monday everyone!  I have to admit that this was kind of a boring week for training.  I'm still doing well with my streak (on to day 21 already!), but my runs have all felt like junk miles.  I don't really have a plan or pace in mine when I go into them, I'm just going running to tick the day off my calendar.  Doesn't really make for an interesting recap!

This weekend I finally decided on a fall goal race and signed up.  I'll talk more about my plan and goals later, but (spoiler alert) I'm doing the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon at the end of October.  My official training doesn't start until mid-August, but this week I want to start following more of a structured plan!  I ran 20 miles the past two weeks, so I think I'm in a good spot to start building a solid base for training.  More to come!

Here is a mini recap of my week in training, which (as I said) is pretty boring!

Monday - Friday

12 total miles
All easy miles, mostly on the treadmill at lunchtime.  It's been really gross out lately (either super humid and hot, or pouring down rain).  Luckily, Dan is back from his work trip which means I can start running in the morning again!  When he's in town, he drops me off at work around 6:15.  This way, I can stop at the gym and get in my run and shower before work starts!  When he's not here, I take the bus which doesn't get me to work until 7:30.  I'm looking forward to becoming a morning runner again!


5.15 miles / 11:09 pace
I met up with a few friends (Jessie, Steff, Becca [not pictured] and Carrie) for a morning run.  We ran a lap around the North Park Pool, then headed onto the trails.  Jessie led us on a great trail, with some decent climbs but the trail itself was wide and easy to run on.  We were all DRENCHED at the end of this run thanks to the sky high humidity!  


4 miles / 9:27 pace
I went out for a run early in the morning, and it actually went pretty well!  It was still humid out, but it was nice and cool.  I was happy to see my paces back in the 9 minute range!  It's crazy how these paces used to feel easy, and now I'm struggling with them.  I'm hoping that slogging through these runs now make my fall race feel easier, because it's been tough!

Stand-up Paddle Boarding / 1.5 hours
I was so excited to try out another paddle boarding class with L.L. Bean- SUP with your pup!  When I took the SUP Yoga class a few weeks ago, the instructor told me about this class and suggested that I signed up.  I went home and signed up for a class immediately!  Dan and I already got kayaks this year, and are planning on getting paddle boards as well, so I just wanted to learn how to manage it with a dog.  I learned a lot of good tricks and Selma did an amazing job.  We didn't fall in at all, and she was loving the water.  It was definitely a fun class, and now I can't wait to get my own board!

Are you struggling in the heat/humidity lately too??
Have you ever gone on the water with your dog?


  1. I just love the puppy SUP pictures. I'm so glad she cooperated! Thanks for sweating with me on Saturday!

  2. I know you said your run streak has been boring, but I have LOVED following it on insta. Each run looks so fun and care free. But I know the one time I did a run streak, I really hated it. Running felt like an obligation instead of a joy in my life.

  3. Omg, SUP with your Pup! I love it! I wonder if Baylee would do that?
    I was watching dog surfing yesterday on tv and those dogs are amazing!

  4. Hey, cool that you signed up for a race! It's always fun to work toward something. I've never done SUP-ing but it's SUPER popular around here! I should try it one day, but I think I'd way rather float around on a floatie and drink beer.

  5. Buffalo Creek is such a great goal race! It's my current PR. And such a beautiful course!

  6. Yay! I'll be at Buffalo Creek too! It's my favorite race. North Park Lake question--why is no one ever in the water? Is it unhealthy/dirty/gross? I have only ever seen people on boats/boards and never swimming!

  7. See now this is why I would always love dogs in spite of having a sweet cat that I adore. Dogs are just so fun - love that SUP with your pup idea!

  8. How cool that Selma is happy to SUP with you! Our pups are serious scaredy cats so there's no way they would do that, haha!


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