Buffalo Creek Training Week 2

Yay for week two!  This was probably one of the best weeks of training that I've ever had.  Not only did I hit all of my mileage, but I also crushed my speed workout for the week, and felt great on my long run (which ended up being longer than what my plan prescribed).  I can definitely tell what a difference having a good base built up before I started training is making, and I can't wait to keep on training and see what happens on race day!

I'm getting way ahead of myself- for now, let's just take a look at how my week of training went:


4 miles / 9:39 pace
Went out at lunch to run an easy 4 miler. Super hot and I didn't bring water (mistake one) and didn't drink water beforehand (mistake two).  I took it nice and easy but was still really sweaty and tired...definitely need to make sure I always have water with me in this heat!!  (And hopefully the heat is ending SOON).


3 miles / 9:36 pace
I had my wisdom teeth taken out around 10:00, so I wanted to get in my run early in the day.  I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything in the morning, so I kept this really easy and short.  When I got home, I ended up doing a yoga video that was all about posture- felt really nice!


Rest Day!
I felt surprisingly good after my surgery (minus getting nauseous from the antibiotics I got prescribed), but didn't want to push myself so I took my rest day.


5 miles / 8:52 pace
First run after my wisdom teeth surgery! Felt great to get out, even if I felt a little hungry from not eating any solid food for almost 3 days. Speed work for the week was 3 x mile at half marathon goal pace plus 10 seconds. I wasn't sure how I would feel for this workout, so I just went by feel. I ended up feeling pretty good I guess because my times were 8:03, 7:45 and 7:44. My stretch goal for this race is 8:00 pace, so this was a great moral booster!


4 miles (untimed)
Watch wasn't working this morning so I was running blind. Took it nice and easy since I was a bit sore from my speed workout. Missed running in the morning this week!  I decided to treat myself to a pour-over coffee (my first one!) and tried the Coconut milk yogurt from Trader Joe's to refuel after the run.  


9 miles / 10:20 pace
I met up with Steffany and Maddie for this run early in the morning, and the weather was absolutely perfect when we started (low 50's).  We ended up doing the Just a Short Run 8 mile loop, which included a big hill to start off with and a loop around North Park.  By the time I made it back to my car, my mileage was at 8.75 miles, so I just decided to keep going until I hit 9 miles.  I felt so great on this run, and chatting with the girls the entire time really helped the miles fly by!  


Kayaking / 2 hours
I had a rest day from running, so Dan and I went out for some kayaking at the lake.  It was such a perfect day and we had a lot of fun!  Afterwards we headed north to check out North Country Brewing and walk around Slippery Rock's campus.  I absolutely loved the brewery and wish we brought Selma with us (there were tons of dogs on the patio).  We'll definitely come back and go hiking at nearby Moraine State Park!


  1. I love the graphics for your training recap :) We've had some cooler weather this past week - hopefully it cools down for you as well.

  2. What a freaking awesome week. The weather has been so nice--but you know we are going to get another joint of warmth. I'm ok with that--we all know that Winter is Coming

  3. Great job lady! I like Taylor's new song and her video. What I don't understand is all this negative talk about who the song is about. Why can't we all just get along?! :)

  4. Ahhh you NAILED your runs this week, on top of oral surgery?!?! YOU are AMAZING! I love your Sunday. Kayaking looks so serene. Happy for you!

  5. Oh my goodness--your face in that first photo is the epitome of what summer running feels like, ha ha! Yeah, I'm also realizing what a difference having a good base does in training. Glad you are reaping the rewards and seeing fitness gains already!

  6. Don't you love those kind of weeks where everything falls into place? :)

  7. How cute is your little training graphic?!?!

    Kayaking on the lake looks and sounds so lovely!


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