Buffalo Creek Training : Race Week!

Hi everyone!  Last week was my 10th week of half marathon training, which meant that it was race week!  After putting in tons of miles and hours of recovery, would all my hard work payoff?  Keep reading to find out!


Rest Day
I had run 3 days in a row the week before (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) so I took Monday off.  Selma and I went on a long walk and I did some yoga!


3 miles
Nice and easy run around the park.  Nothing special about this run, but I had to keep reeling in my pace!


5.75 miles / 9:13 pace
The final speed workout!  This one was called "Fun Reminder" and was supposed to be easy- 1 mile warmup, 2x1 mile at goal pace, then 2x half mile at goal pace, followed by 1 mile cool down.  Jessie and I met up early before work to get this done, and it wasn't too bad!  We had no trouble hitting our paces and it felt great.  Wouldn't really call it "fun" but it was a good final workout.


Rest Day
Just did some yoga and foam rolling.


3 miles
Easy shakeout run before the race!  Everything felt so good and I felt ready to race :)  There were a bunch of friends (aka deer) right by my car when I finished..I counted at least 10 in one little area!


13.1 miles / 1:51:35 / 8:31 pace
I'll have a full race recap as soon as the pictures are up (which are FREE!  Best race perk).  A little summary for now- Jessie and I both got new PR's and hit our main goal!  Super proud of both of us and we celebrated afterwards with brunch and later met up with friends at Grist House to watch the Penn State game.  Best day EVER!


Rest Day!
I woke up feeling surprisingly good and actually wanted to go out for a run but told myself to chill.  I did some yoga instead to stretch out my body and took Selma on a walk.  It was such a nice day that I couldn't just stay inside!

Did anyone else race this weekend?
How do you celebrate a new PR?


  1. Congrats on an awesome race! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Absolutely love this. SO inspirational to see you train hard for a goal and get it. Congratulations again! <3


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