Week in Workouts [April 16-22]

Hi everyone!  Guess what- you won't hear any weather complaints from me in today's post because the weather this week was GLORIOUS.  It finally feels like spring is here and might even be around to stay for a bit!  My cherry blossom tree is even starting to flower:

This was a bit of an odd week for me- I was very active, but didn't do much running.  I tried out some new Class Pass classes, went swimming and biking, and just ran twice. I love the variety and I feel great!  Here's a look at my week:


1000 yard swimming
Went for a morning swim!  The pool was super crowded so I ended up sharing a lane with another woman who was swimming SUPER FAST.  I tried to keep up for just one length of the pool and she left me in her water dust.

Barre Code / 1 hour
After work, I headed to The Barre Code for their signature class (Barre Code).  It's a 50 minute class, and this one used ankle weights and small dumbells.  The class was divided into four segments- legs, core, arms, and seat (aka butt).  The time absolutely flew by, and I got in a great workout.  I stayed after to get in some great stretches on the barre.


Rest Day (super sore!)


3.33 miles / 9:33 pace
I went for a run before work around downtown.  It was still a little chilly, but actually felt refreshing and great while I was out.  I ended up doing a progressive run on accident, and my final mile was 9:04!

1000 yard swimming
I made it out during lunch for a quick swim at the gym.  I got in another 1,000 yards and picked up my pace a bit from Monday, but didn't do anything fancy.


Reformer Fusion / 1 hour
I've been meaning to test out a Pilates reformer class for a while now, and I finally made it to a local studio that has classes available through Class Pass!  I love how the studio is small- it only has 5 machines so it feels like you're getting individual attention the entire time.  The class itself was so much fun and a great workout, and I really liked the instructor.  I'll definitely be back (in fact- I already scheduled another class there for next week).


Rest Day!


7.75 miles / 9:49 pace
I met up with Steff and Jessie a little later in the morning when the weather was PERFECT for my long run.  We had amazingly consistent paces for every mile, and of course had a great time the entire run.  Can't wait to run a half marathon with them next week!

6 mile bike
Dan and I have been looking for new bikes for a while now and finally got them on Saturday.  We couldn't wait to ride them, so we stopped on the way home for a little test drive.  I love it!


3.75 mile bike
Can you tell how eager we were to have bike!?  It was a beautiful day out, so we headed out on a quick neighborhood ride.  Still need to work on being more comfortable with picking up speed on downhills, but I'm getting there! We spent the rest of the morning doing yard work, which I count as another workout ;)

1200 yard swim
This was such a fun workout.  It was broken down into a bunch of different segments, which made the yards just fly by.  Here's what I did-

300 yards freestyle to warm up
4x50 yards breath practice (first 25 breath every 4 strokes, second 25 breath every 2 strokes)
200 yards with no breath at the wall
4x50 alternating strokes (individual medley)
300 yards freestyle to cool down


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