Cap City Half : Week Five HALFWAY!

All of a sudden, it's the halfway point of training!  I can't believe it, but it's been going really well so far.  I've cut back on running miles compared to other cycles, but I've also added a lot more cross training.  I think it's really helping, and I'm feeling stronger than ever!

Here's how my week of training went-


Rest Day
Planned on running and /or going to Beat, but I started feeling really sick when I got home.  A bug was going around at work, so I decided to just get in some extra rest.


3 miles
Felt much better when I woke up, so after work I headed to the park to run and walk with Selma and Dan!  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the park was filled with dogs.  We stayed mostly on trails, which was great.


7 miles
Speed workout for the week was 8 x 800 at half marathon pace.  Jessie and I met after work at a local track to get it done.  Our watches were both really off from eachother and from the track (which was hard to be consistent- lots of walkers and kids on the inner lanes so we kept zig-zagging all over).  All of our splits ended up being faster than planned- they all stayed under 4:00 while our goal was 4:10.  For the final one, I decided to go all out and ended up in 3:30!  Yay!


Rest Day!


2 mile walk
Took Selma for a walk outside.  It was snowing but that's just spring in Pittsburgh!


9 miles
I met up with Jessie and Steff for my long run this week!  It was chilly and windy and hard, so I was really happy to be there with friends and not alone.  I ran the last mile alone since I parked away from them, and just pushed it for a fast finish.


Hot Yoga / 1.25 hours
Morning yoga at Stray Dog.  The practice was really great with lots of leg stretches, and the room wasn't too warm.  Perfect way to kick off Sunday!


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