Cap City Half : Week Four

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and got to enjoy St Patrick's Day!  I definitely did, and also had a great week of training.  Here's how week four went- only six more weeks of training to go!


1 mile / 9:35
I had a busy day, but Dan and I managed to squeeze in a short run together.  It was windy and cold so neither one of us really wanted to run, but we got it done!


7 miles / 8:54 pace
Speed work day, a little earlier this week!  In the Kara Goucher plan, this is always one of my love it/hate it workouts.  It's called ice cream sandwich, and the goal is 2 miles at 15 seconds over race pace, 6 hill repeats, then another 2 miles at 15 seconds over race pace.  Since my goal pace is 8:20, I was planning on sticking around 8:35 pace.  Well, that immediately went out the window because I felt GREAT, and the weather was perfect!  My average paces ended up being 8:12 for the first two and 7:53 for the second two.  The hills were actually a great break and challenge in the middle of the run, but everything just flowed perfectly for this run.

Beat Fitness / 1 hour
Apparently I like doing a strength workout after my speed workout!  I actually felt really good for this workout, and just took it easy on leg exercises.  We did 5 different stations, and spent 7:30 at each one.  The exercises we did were- split leg dumbbell row, banded monster squats, front barbell squat, TRX pull-up, diagonal plank, bear crawl, rower, BOSU ball down/up, leg raise/v-up, hamstring plank curl.  We also ended with a tabata of burpees, star jumps, and crab walks. Great workout!


Rest Day


3 mile walk
It was a beautiful, warm day out, so I had to take Selma for a walk outside before my watercolor class.


Beat Fitness / 1 hour
It was a very special class because Dan came with me!  We were the only two in class and it was a lot of fun.  Great workout with a really intense burn out at the end (squat jumps, lateral planks, jumping jacks).


8 miles / 9:20 pace
I met up a little later in the morning for a long run with Jessie, and we did a great job!  Our pace was really consistent the entire time, then we decided to have a fast finish and ended our last mile in 8:09.  Really great run over all!


3 mile walk
Recovery walk with Selma at the park.  The weather was great and it was sunny out, so it was a great way to end the week.


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