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Happy Monday everyone! It is COLD in Pittsburgh, but it looks like warmer days are on the horizon. This time of year is so tough for's been really gray and miserable outside. Having my daily walk goal has helped a ton- now I feel like I HAVE to get outside. Even though I really have to bundle up, it always feels great to get some fresh air and (occasionally) sunshine. I'm really looking forward to having some days above freezing this week!

Here's a look at how my week went-


60 min Bike Bootcamp: Full Body with Jess

Started this workout with a warm up ride (I always have a much better workout when I properly warm up beforehand!) then got right to business. I knew this was marked as "advanced" and WOW this was HARD!!! The bike portions were all intervals with very short rest in between. There were two strength sections with tons of movement- including burpees, snatches, lateral lunges, ohmy! Very challenging workout and by the end I was a sweaty, panting heap on the ground. But for some reason I loved it!

30 min BHM Icons Yoga Flow with Chelsea

This class started as soon as boot camp ended so I used this to cool down and stretch out. Loved all of the music and Chelsea is always one of my favorite instructors.


40 min Total Strength with Andy

Ready to start week 3 with a full body workout. Today We did pretty much the same exercises again, but progressed the difficulty. It was definitely a challenge and I enjoyed the workout a lot.

10 min Yoga Flow with Anna

Sometimes a short and sweet yoga flow is all you need. This one was mostly stretching and felt really great after yesterday's tough boot camp and my strength class. I always forget about these shorter classes and should incorporate more in my schedule!

40 min Ride with Cody

Boo is back!! Cody has been out for a few weeks after having COVID and being pretty sick, so it was so nice and relieving to see him back and seeming like his regular self. He had a 30 min pop ride that was focused on songs about resiliency and some Britney Spears / Spice Girls (he also had a long rant about the Britney Spears documentary), followed by a 10 min cool down ride. I had so much fun during these classes and I'm so happy he's back!


30 min Walk + Run with Chase

Finally made it out for a run! I don't like to run around my house when it's snowy because there aren't sidewalks, so I had to wait for a time when I could  make it to the park. Made it happen today and it was a beautiful day. Even though it was in the teens, there wasn't much wind and it was sunny out so it was pretty pleasant out. I liked this playlist a lot, and used it as run/jog intervals instead of walking.


20 min Broadway Ride with Jess

Had a break in meetings so I took this quick ride. It was a really good playlist and fun way to stretch my legs in the middle of the day.

30 min Total Strength with Andy

Today was upper body day! Similar to Tuesday's workout, this was just like the other weeks but more intense. Can't believe the program is already almost over, it's been really great!

30 min BHM 90s Ride with Emma

This playlist was so much fun and helped me shake off the strength workout. I also finished it off with a stretch afterwards to really help out!


30 min Total Strength with Andy

This week we have 4 strength workouts for the program, so it was my first back-to-back strength classes. Today was lower body- another tough one but I powered through.

30 min We Everywhere Run with Jess

I headed to the park after work to get in a run. It was SO cold out but luckily this playlist was amazing and made me want to run faster to warm up! These were all Afro-beats and was really different from the typical music on Peloton- really enjoyed the collab with Spotify and I want to try the classes on the bike too.


30 min Hip Hop Ride with Tunde

Everytime I ride with Tunde, I go in thinking I'll have an easy workout. Then, just a few minutes in, I'm pouring sweat and my heart rate is up! She just has that effect to make you work hard every time you get on the bike. I love it and hate it at the same time, but this was a great class. All of the artists were from Houston- Tunde's hometown, and she spoke of the devastation happening right now. I took a warm up ride before class and a stretch after.


40 min Total Strength with Andy

Fourth workout this week, and it was my favorite so far. We had a nice, long warm up (including one I took with Adrian before class), then we did 2 different complexes. The first was 6 squats, 6 rows, 6 deadlifts, and 6 pushups. We did as many rounds as possible in 6 minutes. After a quick rest, we did 2 lunges, 2 alternating curls, 2 alternating presses, then 3 of each, and 5 of each. I finished the set of 5 and started back at 2 of each...kept going for 8 minutes! This was definitely a harder workout, but I like the exercises when you can just zone in and go for a while instead of shorter sets with more rest. Great workout to end week 3 of the program- just one more to go!

30 min Women of Rock Ride with Emma

We definitely hit the legs hard in that workout, so I took a very easy ride. This one was really fun and featured all women artists or women-fronted bands. SO many good songs!

20 min Walk + Run with Rebecca

I really wasn't planning on running, but Dan surprised me on his way home from work by getting me an Apple Watch! The other week I was telling him that my Garmin is dying (I've had it for about 6 or 7 years now) and I was thinking about upgrading. I also just got a promotion at work, so thought it would be a good way to treat myself! I had to test it out immediately, so I headed out for a quick run. I'm still getting used to the watch but so far I really like it. I also get 3 free months of Apple Fitness + , so for the next few weeks I'll be trying out their classes and switching things up a bit.


  1. I'm curious to hear your experience with the Apple Watch. I know people love or hate it. My cousin switched back to a Garmin. Curious what you think!


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